I cheated on girlfriend with sexy personal trainer next door and I want to be with her again | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY lack of self-control has landed me in trouble after I had sex with my girlfriend’s neighbour.

Willpower has never been my strong point and I gave in to temptation at another neighbour’s barbecue.

It was a really hot day and the beer and wine went to my head.

Unfortunately my girlfriend had to leave early to go to work — she’s a waitress in a really nice restaurant.

I’m 22 and she is 23. When we first met I felt like I had won the lottery.

She is very kind and loyal and we have the best chats together.

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But this neighbour is 24 and a personal trainer and I admire her confidence.

She is absolutely stunning and I couldn’t believe my luck when she started flirting with me as soon as my girlfriend left.

We finished off a bottle of white wine together and then she suggested we have a dance.

She has a stunning body and as we moved closer together, she started rubbing my leg.

I’m just hoping all the other neighbours were as drunk as me, otherwise one of them is bound to tell.

I was so turned on that when she suggested we head back to her flat,

I only just remembered to grab my jacket before making a sharp exit.

We had sex and it was amazing — so much better than I am used to with my girlfriend.

The next day I woke up feeling guilty, but my girlfriend’s neighbour showed no reaction.

She told me not to lose any sleep about it and said it was nothing more than a drunken mistake.

But I think I’m developing feelings for her and can’t stop fantasising about another sex session with her. Should I tell my girlfriend?


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DEIDRE SAYS:  Being completely honest may help you deal with the guilt and sense of impending doom you feel, but it would only make your girlfriend miserable.

If you genuinely feel someone is likely to tell your girlfriend about your behaviour, then it would be ­better if she heard it from you first.

Most importantly, ask yourself if your cheating is a one-off you regret.

Has it made you worry about losing your girlfriend, or is your infidelity a sign your relationship has run its course?

Decide to either put all your efforts into your relationship with your girlfriend to repair the damage, or do the honest thing and let her know you want to move on.

But don’t go anywhere near this neighbour until you have made a firm decision – you’ve already betrayed your girlfriend, she deserves some consideration now.

I’m sending you my support pack Torn Between Two Women to help you make a decision.

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