How to Pack Your Carpet for Moving

Packing a rug is something we don’t think a lot about and usually leave it for later. However, rolling and tossing it in the back of a truck might not be the best idea. Here are some packing tips from experienced Los Angeles to San Francisco movers to make sure your carpet goes through the moving process nice and easy.

1. Preparation and Cleaning

Clean and vacuum a rug thoroughly before moving. You might even consider giving it to a professional moving company.

2. Get Proper Packing Materials

Fortunately, there won’t be a long list of needed items. For larger rugs, you’ll need:

  1. A string of rope to tie it after it is rolled up.
  2. Packing paper to wrap it.
  3. A tape to secure the paper.

For smaller carpets, find appropriate tube boxes.

3. Roll It with the Top Side Facing out

While it seems logical to do it the other way, the backside of the rug is more prone to being cracked and strained when rolled up. So, make sure to flip your carpet over before rolling it up.

4. Roll from the Short Side

This way, it will take less space. Make sure to roll it tightly and never fold it after. Find someone to help you or hire a packing crew if it is too large for you to pack it yourself.

5. Tie It up in Three Places

After the rug is rolled up, get someone to hold it in place while you tie it up with a rope. First, secure it in the middle, then work both front and bottom. This won’t let the rug loosen and crumple.

6. Wrap It in Packing Paper

As the front is facing out, it is important to protect it from getting damaged or stained in a moving process. Use thick packing paper to protect it from top to bottom and then secure it with packing tape so it stays in place. If you aren’t sure how to do it, you might want to handle it with professionals. This team of the Got2Move company has 18 years of experience and knows the best way to pack any type of cargo.

7. Transportation Tips

Now that everything is packed up, and the moving date finally comes, here are some tips for rug transportation:

  • Keep it in the upright position.
  • Don’t place anything on top of it.
  • If the corners are warped after moving, try curling them under for several days.

8. Enlist the help

You can handle moving small carpets on your own, but in case with large carpets we suggest you enlist the help of friends or relatives who have experience in moving, but usually the best solution is to hire professional help. They have appropriate clothing, equipment and large experience in moving.