How to find out if your 2p coin is worth £1,000 after Royal Mint mistake sees rare currency released into circulation | The Sun

A HUMBLE 2p coin could actually be worth as much as £1,000 thanks to a mistake by the Royal Mint.

Most people carry around the coin as loose change, burning a hole in their pocket but certain ones could actually be worth some serious money.

In 1983 a slip up by the Royal Mint meant the production of some 2p coins included an error that most people might simply miss.

The TikTok account known as Thecoincollectoruk has revealed what exactly Brits need to look out for to see if they are quids in.

They said: “There are three different 2p coins in circulation currently: The regular Welsh Feathers 2p, the Royal Shield of Arms 2p and the one you want to be looking out for, the New Pence 2p.

“Between 1971 and 1981 all 2p coins had the words New Pence to celebrate the coin entering circulation.

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“However, in 1983 the Royal Mint accidentally minted New Pence 2p coins in extremely limited numbers.

“These are very rare and go for around £1,000.

“This was also the case with the One Penny coins as well during those years. 

“However, the mistake was only made on the 2p in 1983 and the 1p coins were highly minted.”

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If you think you might have a rare 2p coin, or want to check if you have any other coins that might be worth a pretty penny, you can use an online tool that gives you an estimate of how much it could be worth on eBay, as well as any other rare coins you have.

Coin Hunter can give you an estimated valuation of your coin based on the average of the most recent sales, as well as a range of how much you can expect it to fetch.

Plus Change Checker's Scarcity Index will give you a good idea of how rare a coin is.

Although it is worth remembering that any coin’s value will also be, partly, dependant not only on its rarity but also its condition.

Any coin in mint condition will be worth more to a collector than one which is worn.

Rare 2p coins aren’t the only valuable coins in Britain and here’s a round-up of all the most valuable coins in the UK.

A 50p could fetch as much as £300 if it has an unusual number combination.

An error on some 20p coins means they could be worth as much as 350 times their face value.

A "weird smudge" on some £2 coins could make them worth considerably more.

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