Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Sunday, September 10


You might wonder why you kept a special ability to yourself for so long. Now that you have brought it out into the open, you will benefit from this emergence more than you could ever have imagined. Don’t be surprised when you receive warm and enthusiastic praise for your exceptional talent.


Make people in power aware of it if you are looking for a change in career direction. Apply for a promotion or showcase your abilities. Let people see that as well as being careful and reliable you can also be flexible when this is needed. You could be offered a high profile position as a result.


If you’ve been hoping to upgrade your home or add improvements to your kitchen or bathroom, now is a good time to begin. You might also be keen to put some decorative touches to your home, garden or office. This is your chance to create the comfortable place you have always dreamed of.


A creative project will have a beneficial effect on your finances. Making money from creating beautiful works of art will be a pleasure. You and someone special will be planning a future holiday. Expect to spend quite some time sifting through brochures and websites to find a suitable location.


You have some strong views about a topic that comes up in conversation. Instead of rushing in and letting everyone know how you feel, as you are inclined to do, count to ten. Your use of tact along with a more softly, softly approach will impress someone who knows you well.


Whether on the phone, online or in person, people are extremely talkative. Their views and ideas will tend to clutter up your own thinking. You might be growing tired of listening to someone’s fanciful thoughts and you will crave some time alone when it will be easier for your imagination to flow freely.


You will naturally feel nervous about changes occurring in your career world. Trust that these will be for the better and some might even be lucky for you. If you have been feeling restricted, a new opportunity will set you free. Your enthusiasm for a new project or challenge will shine through.


You’re not asking for a lot but you might wish you hadn’t opened your mouth when it ends up in a big fight concluding with someone implying: how dare you express your opinion? If what you want contradicts with what others expect it may be that you are spending time with the wrong people.


Travel plans come under discussion. You will like the idea of a relaxing overseas holiday. A small win or bonus will make this an even stronger possibility. You and a partner will both benefit from a change of scenery. Taking this chance to spend more time together will improve your relationship.


It may not be your problem but someone will come to you with a dilemma and they expect you to help them out. Now you see what a friend or relative is going through, this will cause you some concern. It won’t be the easiest of days but you will be glad to have been asked to help.


Take the chance to act on some inspired ideas. You are imaginative, creative and resourceful. No wonder you are in such demand, professionally and socially. Accept a generous offer that’s made to you by someone in power and you will reach heights you never dreamed was possible.


Keep your attitude positive when it comes to job and money concerns. A practical friend will advise you on how to make financial provisions for the future. An unexpected invitation will fill you with excitement. A neighbour who is throwing a party will serve up plenty of fun, colour and joyful entertainment.

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