Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Saturday, August 26


There is no stopping you once you let your hair down. You’re in the mood for a day of self-indulgence, no matter what the cost. Some extravagant plans you are making will not meet with a partner or housemate’s approval but whatever they might say, you’re determined to have some fun.


Encourage a new friend or partner to talk about their hopes and dreams. They also need to tell you when they are happy and when they’re not so enthusiastic about things. For how else will you know you are getting it right?


You may have to back down in an argument as difficult as it will be. Someone will prove you wrong. It won’t be easy to admit it but you will now realise your attitude, beliefs or behaviour has not been appropriate. When you apologise others will respect your honesty.


Arguments will get heated. The atmosphere is tense and hostile. This is when you might decide it would be best to keep your thoughts to yourself. You know that people won’t always agree but you had expected others to respect your views as you respect theirs.


Fun times can be spent with your partner. Are you single? Someone you don’t like or fancy is pestering you to go out with them. If your polite response does not seem to be getting through to them you may need to firmly let them know you aren’t interested.


A fundraiser, get-together or seminar will not be the wonderful occasion other people were making it out to be. In fact in your eyes it will be a bit of a flop. You can see how it could have been better organised. Some people could learn a thing or two from you.


With you being so kind and warm-hearted you could forgive anyone for anything. A youngster will admit to having done something you won’t be pleased about. They expect you to be mad at them. Instead you will accept their apology and see this as a learning experience for them.


If you feel you haven’t had a lot of luck lately, this is about to change. A nice little money surprise is coming your way or a partner’s way. A new neighbour is getting far too friendly. You don’t mind meeting up with them occasionally but you will start feeling uneasy when they can’t seem to keep away from you.


After some difficulties, life is looking more positive now. Things are starting to go your way and you will have more in control of current events. You’re starting to feel more optimistic about what the months ahead might bring and this is a good feeling.


Due to your research and hard working efforts of the recent past you may receive an invitation to an interview. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you as this is what you have been hoping for. Take this chance to showcase your talents. You’re on your way up.


You’re taking an organised approach to current responsibilities and without any interference from others, you would get results. Difficulties will occur when friends and workmates bring their problems to you and you end up spending more time than planned in helping them out.


Sharing a sense of humour can be a big help when a relationship goes through some difficulties. Your love life faces a few challenges. Although you may not feel in tune with one another, if you work on it there can be greater harmony.

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