Greggs customer ‘strikes gold’ after being served ‘double’ sausage roll

Many might think you can't do anything to improve a classic sausage roll.

But, they would be wrong.

After one Brit's trip to Greggs, they were astonished to find a 'rare' product in their bag.

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And it certainly beats the bog standard meat wrapped in pastry.

That's because they were served two sausage rolls for the price of one, although there was no deal on.

So how did the Brit manage to bag such a steal?

Well, they revealed that they 'struck gold' with a 'double' sausage roll – or two singular rolls that have been mistakenly welded together.

They went on to say that it was "one of the best days" of their life – and they've made many other Greggs' lovers jealous.

In a Reddit post, the Brit posted a snap of the golden pastry duo to show off the unique product.

"Struck gold at Greggs today: The Legendary Double Sausage Roll," the Brit gushed in the post.

"Charged for one, definitely one of the best days of my life.

"Don't think my life will peak this."

Many fellow Reddit users shared their envy online.

One person commented: "Did the staff gather round in amazement and jealousy as they bagged it?"

Another user added: "Now weld me a Steak Bake to a Sausage Bean and Cheese."

While a third voiced: "Better buy a lottery ticket – it's your lucky day!"

Someone else shared: "The holy grail!!"

Meanwhile, a fifth questioned: "Was it double the sausage or just a deceptive pastry mirage?"

It certainly was the pastry lovers lucky day, as they replied: "Double sausage!"

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