Gallery reveals some of the funniest tombstones

You’ll die laughing! Funniest epitaphs on tombstones show how to go out with a bang

  • Bored Panda has collected a gallery of some of the weirdest epitaphs 
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The only inevitability in life is that, at some point, it will come to an end. But for some people, there is still laughter to be found in death.

While funerals and burials are sombre occasions where people say goodbye to their loved ones, people who have had a good sense of humour in life sometimes decide to leave people with one last laugh.

A gallery collected by Bored Panda shows some of the funniest tombstones found in cemeteries around the US, that have stopped people in their tracks when they walk past.

The funny tombstones record the lives of both human beings and pets, and ensure the memories of those who have passed away are kept alive with a hint of humour.

From jokes about the belligerence of the person who has died, to funny final quotes that have been attributed to them, the tombstones are designed to bring a smile to the faces of people who will miss the person who has died.

People in the US have shared the most amusing tombstones they have spotted in cemeteries around the country. This site, which appears to commemorate two people, is engraved with the word ‘fail’ as their lives come to an end

Some people left this world with wry expressions of comical dismay about the end of their lives, while others opted for funny expressions that summed up how they had made the most of their time on Earth.

In some cases, pet owners found the laughter in the death of their beloved household pets, ensuring they would always be remembered.

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the funniest tombstones found in cemeteries around the US… 

Some people, who have buried or cremated their beloved pets, have sent them off into the afterlife with a sprinkling of humour – like Woodstock the cat, who will be terribly missed, particularly when their owner has meatloaf for dinner

This woman, who lived to the age of 83, sent a final message of defiance to her doctors who had told her in childhood that she would not make it past her teenage years

Lola Holt, who passed away in 2004, wanted to let her loved ones know she wasn’t upset about dying with a dismissive final message on her tombstone

Leslie Nielsen, who passed away in 2010, appears to signal that she made the most of her time on Earth with the words ‘let ‘er rip’ on her tombstone

A mother who passed away selflessly decided not to let her most prized recipe die with her, and instead shared it with anyone who passed her plot in the cemetery

This person, who apparently had a dry sense of humour in life, left a four-word expression of dismay for their loved ones after their death

The sentiment of this memorial plaque was likely innocent enough – however the suggestion that one might meet Lucifer in the afterlife suggests that they are destined for hell

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