Brainteaser for six-year-olds baffles adults – and there’s 20 secs to solve it

Are you looking for a challenge?

The latest brainteaser to seriously stump the internet involves a question designed for six-year-olds.

While that might sound simple to calculate, we can assure you many adults are struggling with it.

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The resurfaced question is from an admission test for a primary school in Hong Kong in China.

People have just 20 seconds to answer it, making it a whole lot trickier.

So have you got what it takes to complete it in the quick time frame? Let us know how you get on in the comments!

According to multiple reactions online, it's a lot harder than you think.

The question features an illustration of a parking lot with six spaces.

Five of the spaces feature numbers and the sixth has a car in it obstructing the number.

People must answer the question: "What is the number of the parking space containing the car?"

And if you're trying to use logic or algebra to solve it, you'll find it's actually a lot more simpler than that.

There is actually something you can do to answer it in seconds and if you complete it, give yourself a pat on the back!

Scroll down for the answer…

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The answer is obvious when you flip the question upside down and realise the numbers are on the parking spaces.

Apparently adults overthink the picture and it causes them to answer it wrong.

For children, the obvious answer is to flip the page and find the answer is 87.

Meanwhile British puzzle inventor David Bodycombe told the Guardian he came up with the idea in Portugal.

David created it while in a car park two decades ago as a way to amuse people – and it certainly worked.

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