Bloke spends 9 months counting Aldi satsuma segments to see how much they vary

People often like to do different things with their spare time – such as reading, watching TV and going for a run.

However, one bloke has found a unique past-time to amuse himself; counting segments of Aldi satsumas.

The guy took to Facebook to reveal his unique hobby as he revealed he's been counting the segments since the start of the year to see how much they vary.

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And his fellow social media users were left in stitches by his satsuma revelation as the post went viral.

Taking to Facebook group 'Dull Men's Club', the bloke wrote: "Since January 1st 2023, I've eaten one satsuma a day (Aldi) and recorded how many segments the satsuma had.

"The average is 10.77273, the most was 14 and fewest was 8."

He later added an edit, as he wrote: "Edit: Mean average 10.77273, Mode average 10, Median 10, Range 6, Standard Deviation 1.459678."

Along with his data, he shared a photo of his spreadsheet where he collected all of the information.

The post certainly captured people's attention, racking up more than 15,000 Facebook reactions.

"This is the sort of top-notch content I joined this group for, and the kind of dullness I can only aspire to," exclaimed one group user.

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While another added: "We may have inadvertently found our leader."

"Your dedication to dullness deserves a huge round of applause," chimed in a third.

While a fourth told him: "I honestly cannot think of a single thing that is more worthwhile."

Some people were even so keen on the information that the asked for a follow-up, with one person asking: "How does the data compare for Lidl?"

We're on the edge of our seat to see if he shares this golden information too!

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