Urgent tomato plant warning – act now or risk your crop dying this autumn

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Summer is coming to an end which means that tomato plants may be nearing the end of their growing season.

Many gardeners are currently trying to get the most out of their fruit and vegetable crops before autumn officially arrives, so here is how to keep your tomato plants healthy before they naturally die off for the winter season.

One way to help tomato plants in late August to early September is by pruning them, as it will help provide air circulation for the plant, help conserve resources, and help prevent late-season diseases.

Jacques Lyakov is an urban gardening expert who helps gardeners online keep their gardens “growing for flavour and variety.” In a recent TikTok video, Jacques explained how to prune your tomato plants in order to keep them thriving.

He said: “If you want healthy tomatoes then you need a lot of airflow. Let me show you how to prune your tomatoes to do just that.”

To begin, Jacques explained that the first thing gardeners should do is remove any leaves that are on the bottom of the tomato plant.

Jacques said: “These lower leaves tend to drag across the floor and get chewed up by pests which introduce disease.”

Fewer leaves on a tomato plant will not only help with airflow among the stems but will help it dry faster after the rain. Pruning tomato leaves makes it less susceptible to late blight, a disease that favours cool and damp weather conditions that spreads quickly and can potentially infect entire gardens,

For his next step, Jacques said: “I also remove any leaves below the lowest fruit cluster to ensure that all the oldest leaves are off the plant which tends to be the first to get disease.”

To prune a tomato plant, remove tomato plant suckers which would be located between the tomato plant’s main steam and main branches. They will eventually grow into full branches adding foliage and making the plant spend more energy

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Unwanted sucker branches should be cut when they are around two to four inches long, and waiting too long to remove these suckers will reduce a tomato plant’s fruit yield. Jacques said: “Don’t be afraid of removing a couple of extra suckers for that sweet sweet airflow.”

Gardeners should make sure they prune with clean tools so they do not introduce bacteria or fungi to the plant and make sure the weather is dry before pruning.

In Jacques’s video comment section, many gardeners thanked him for his helpful advice. One user said: “Damn where have you been all my life” while another person wrote: “Thank you! I think you have helped save my tomatoes!”

However, one gardener said it was important to not prune too much off a tomato plant at once, as it can put more stress on the plant. The commentator said: “Be careful trimming your plants at this height. They won’t produce much if you take a lot off. Especially if the weather goes hot.”

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