Tomato plants will ‘increase’ fruit with ‘enhanced flavour’ if out near 5 crops

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Companion plants are those that are grown together to provide mutual benefits. These plants can help each other grow, repel pests, and even improve the flavour of fruits and vegetables. 

Companion planting is an ancient technique that has been used for centuries to improve crop yields and reduce the need for pesticides.

It involves planting different species of plants together that have a beneficial relationship. Some plants have the ability to attract beneficial insects that can help control pests, while others can repel harmful insects. 

Some plants can also help improve the soil by fixing nitrogen or adding organic matter. Companion planting can also help improve the flavour of fruits and vegetables.

According to the experts at gardening retailer Sow Seeds, when it comes to tomato plants, companion planting can offer several benefits that can help improve the health and yield of a tomato crop.

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They said: “Companion planting helps improve soil health and nutrient availability. For example, planting nitrogen-fixing plants like beans or peas alongside your tomato plants can help add nitrogen to the soil, which is essential for healthy plant growth and increasing yield.

“Another benefit of companion planting for tomatoes is enhanced flavour and aroma. Certain herbs like thyme or oregano can help enhance the flavour of your tomatoes when grown together.”

Best companion plants for tomatoes

1. Basil 

One of the most common tomato companion plants is basil. Basil is said to enhance the flavour of the tomatoes as the plants share nutrients in the soil. 

Some gardeners say their tomatoes are sweeter when planted next to basil, or that they obtain some of the basil flavours.

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2. Carrots

Most people never think of planting carrots near tomato plants, but carrots grow deep into the soil since they’re root crops. 

This helps to break up the ground near carrot plants, aerating the soil and allowing nutrients, water, and oxygen to reach the roots of tomato plants.

3. Oregano 

Another fantastic herb that is also a companion plant is oregano and it “belongs near your tomato plants”, claimed the pros.

While oregano will work to improve tomatoes, gardeners have to let the plat flower first to receive the benefits.

4. Dwarf French beans

Planting dwarf french beans near tomato plants helps to “reduce diseases” by increasing air circulation. Poor air circulation encourages fungal diseases because fungi live in damp, humid conditions.

Try interplanting tall tomato plants and shorter dwarf French beans in between each one. This keeps plenty of space between the plants.

5. Pot marigolds

Pot marigolds are “one of the best tomato companion plants” as they work as great companion plants for many different vegetables in the garden. The experts claimed: “You’ll reap so many benefits”.

Marigolds give gardens pops of colour and cheer, but at the same time, they “counteract root rot” that is caused by tomato worms and slugs. Many pests “stay away” from marigolds.

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