Slugs and snails ‘instantly turn away’ from plants with cheap ‘homemade spray’

Clodagh McKenna reveals tip for getting rid of slugs

Slugs and snails in the garden hide under leaves in moist pockets and will eat almost anything they come into contact with. 

They are especially damaging to vegetable plants in gardens as they eat both the leaves and the produce.

Plus, damage can happen before gardeners even know there’s an infestation, though chewed leaves and slimy trails are telltale signs.

To rid a garden of these pesky creatures, some gardeners turn to homemade solutions – one of which can provide “instant” results.

Sharing their effective slug and snail solution on Facebook, one woman claimed that all that’s needed to deter these pests are garlic and water.

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Lara Smith wrote: “Something very exciting happened tonight. So I was spraying my hostas after it had gone dark and saw a snail and slug on their way. 

“I sprayed the garlic solution in front of them and they instantly turned away. I thought I would try a bit more to see what happened. 

“So I did it again in front of it and a bigger area, and they turned away again and avoided the whole area covered with garlic spray.”

Slugs and snails hate strong odours, which is why they do not like garlic. Garlic is a wonderful repellant that can keep plants safe from damage.

The allium family is well-known for driving all sorts of insects and pests away, including slugs and snails. 

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Gardeners can use both fresh garlic and other forms in the garden to keep these creatures at bay. 

Lara then went on to share how she went about making the garlic spray.

She said: “To make the homemade garlic spray, I put one chopped garlic glove into 500ml warm water, and started to use it after I left it overnight. 

“I left it outdoors where there was no direct sunshine with the garlic in and put it in a spray bottle when I needed it. 

“Don’t know how long you could keep it as I am new to it. But I made mine two weeks ago.”

The solution can last multiple months in the fridge, so fill up a few bottles to store for later. 

Taking to the comments section, one gardening enthusiast claimed that the solution still works after storing it for one year, but it is important to keep it in the right place.

Hazel Taylor said: “I’ve kept garlic spray from one year to the next and it still works – if kept somewhere cool.”

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