November is a ‘great time’ to plant to have a colorful garden this winter

As the weather gets colder, it can feel like gardening for the year is almost over, but there are plenty of hardy plants to make your garden beautiful this winter. 

While October was very mild for most people, the weather conditions will begin to become more extreme throughout the month, and there are still plenty of jobs for gardeners wishing to prepare for the upcoming snowy and frosty weather.

This means anyone wishing to continue to sow in their garden should consider doing it now before the frost hits and the ground hardens.  Planting now with also mean gardeners will have less work to do next year in the springtime. 

There are many strong and cold-resistant plants and flowers that can be planted now according to Monty Don who has recently encouraged more gardeners to continue growing in their garden this November. 

In his recent advice post, Monty Don wrote: “November is a very good month for planting trees, shrubs, hedges and perennials. It is also the perfect time for planting tulips both in pots and in the ground.” 

What to plant in your garden in November


According to Monty Don, planting tulips is the “most important and best job” of November as the earlier these flowers are planted, the earlier they will begin to blossom in spring. 

The ideal time to plant Tulips is anytime between early November up until Christmastime, and will do best in a sunny yet sheltered area in well-drained soil, such as on a garden border next to other flowers. They can also grow in pots in peat-free multipurpose compost. 

Monty Don wrote: “The essential thing with all tulips is to make sure that they have good drainage. This matters less if they are to be treated as annuals and dug up after they have flowered but even so they will be happier with plenty of grit or sand added to heavy soil. 

“If they are to be permanent it is important to plant them as deep as you can – II often use a crowbar to make a hole 12 inches or more deep – and the deeper they are the stronger and straighter the stem will be.”

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Hyacinths are widely regarded as houseplants but can look incredible in a winter garden due to their vibrant colors and highly fragrant scent. They are best planted between September and November and tend to be a very easy plant to care for. 

Plant hyacinths in borders in your garden to give them some shade, but they are usually best displayed near pathways and doors so gardeners can appreciate their perfume fragrance. 

They prefer moderately fertile soil and the bulbs should be planted four inches (10cm) into the ground with three inches (75cm) between them. If grown in a pot, they will need peat-free soil with drainage holes. 

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If you are someone who likes having a garden filled with crops, then kale, purple sprouting broccoli, carrots, onion, radish, and spinach can be planted in November. 

Nicole Burke, founder of Rooted Garden and author of Kitchen Garden Revival has explained to Home and Gardens that there are many vegetable options to sow at this time of year but you may need to cover certain plants to add protection over the colder months. 

She said: “Plants will slow down their growth, especially when sunlight hours decrease, but you’ll be amazed at the greens you can harvest even when it’s freezing outside.” 

Vegetables such as carrots are perfect for any gardener starting a vegetable garden for the first time, but will need to be planted somewhere where they can get at least six hours of sunlight and have plenty of space to develop. 

Nicole added: “November is a great time to make the most of the final season of the year and really stretch what you think is possible in the garden. There’s really nothing to lose but a few extra seeds and so much to gain.” 

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