‘Most important’ autumnal task to perform ‘underneath’ your roses in October

As gardeners start winterising their shrubs this autumn, they’re being reminded that the removal of debris is essential for the long-term health of their plants.

One of the biggest mistakes in rose care committed during the autumn is failing to remove leaves and other debris that have accumulated around the plant, an expert has warned.

Olga Carmody urges gardeners not to commit this mistake on her YouTube channel, where she explains that as leaves fall they create an environment conducive to disease development.

“Beginner [gardeners] can make a mistake of not cleaning up under their roses during [autumn],” she explained.

“Roses are such a highly developed plant in our gardens so they do need some extra care – and extra care would really be to keep the area around the root system nice and clean.”

It is frequently stated across the internet that this task should take place during September and October. Fortunately, the plant requires little other care than that, making it one of the easier to prepare for the colder months.

According to experts at Old World Garden Farms: “One of the most important fall tasks with roses is to clean out the debris underneath.

“This can [harbour] both pests and insects over the winter that can then become an issue next year.”

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People who do not yet have the chance to enjoy rose shrubs in their garden may want to use the month of October to introduce them into their outdoor space.

This is because October and November are characterised by rain and cooler temperature which mean new plants will need less additional watering.

Experts at Garsons explain that this makes autumn the ideal time for planting shrubs and small trees in the garden.

“This way, they’ll be well-rooted come spring. Roses and other shrubs are also available in autumn with bare roots, without a pot and they are affordable to purchase,” they note.

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