Lawn mistake to avoid in winter or risk ruining your grass

How and when to use lawn feeds and treatments

Sean Lade, gardening expert and director of Easy Garden Irrigation, is warning gardeners of a small action they should stop doing during the winter.

The pro explained: “The cold mornings of winter are a treasure.

“The frosty grass blades sparkle like a winter wonderland. The temptation to feel the crisp, frozen lawn under your feet can be too much to resist. But we must.

“Your grass is very stressed, and walking on your frost-covered lawn can cause long-term damage.

“Frosty grass blades will be frozen from the inside out and are very brittle.”

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According to Sean, the crunching you hear when walking on the grass is the sound of the grass blades breaking.

Also, when walking on it in winter, Britons will notice that the grass doesn’t feel springy like it does in spring and summer.

The expert added: “When you tread on frozen grass, all the broken glass blades compact down and cover the grassroots.

“This prevents the roots from getting the water and oxygen it needs to stay healthy.

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“When spring comes around, you’ll see yellow patches of dead grass that will not grow back as quickly.”

Britons should even be careful about letting pets walk over the lawn as they can also snap the blades.

If you must walk on the grass, wait until after the mid-morning sun has melted the frost and warmed up the grass.

Sean noted: “If you cannot wait until the frost has melted, you can borrow a tip from a greenkeeper.

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“They use a sprinkler with warm water to melt away the frost. If it works for them, I’m sure it’ll work for you.

“With grass being as hardy as it is, you don’t need to panic if someone walks over your lawn.

“You can expect it to recover from the damage, but it will be later in spring that you can enjoy a perfect lawn again.”

If you do make damage, make a note in your calendar to reseed it in the following spring.

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