Kitchen discard makes ‘perfect’ tool to ‘protect your plants’ from pests

A gardening hack shared on Instagram has been hailed as an ingenious solution for protecting sprouting plants from external elements.

With temperatures dropping further each day, plants that haven’t yet established a root system will be most susceptible to harsh conditions.

When it isn’t harsh weather conditions that threaten plants, they’re at the mercy of leaf-infecting insects that take advantage of warm conditions.

Gardeners tend to focus on improving the shelter for their plants around this time with trellises and mulching, but one tool may provide even better shelter.

The tip comes from Kaleb Wyse, who proposes using leftover tin cans, from coffee and peanuts, to cover plants during the colder months.

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He argued in one of his clips that once the paper is removed from the exterior of the recipient, tins become the “perfect vessel to protect your plants in the spring.”

He demonstrated the innovative technique on a clean tin on his Instagram page, flipping it over and using a tin opener to remove the bottom.

The remaining cylinder then becomes a “beautiful beginning to one of your transplants in the spring” as it barricades all pests from the plant.

When it comes to planting, the gardener gently screws the time around the plant, transforming it into a protective biggest from the wine or nibbling animals.

Once the plants have established a root system the recipient can be removed and used for the following generation of plants, explained the gardening guru.

“If you want to extend the life of the things you just usually recycle, this is a great way to have a little bit more use,” he noted.

Not only does reusing disposable goods reduce the amount of waste generated by each household, but it also softens the environmental impact of each household.

Viewers avidly supported the idea of reusing cans to keep rubbish out of the garbage while lending a helping hand to sprouting plants.

“Genius,” exclaimed one commentator, while another penned: Now I’m going to buy peanuts in bulk just for the can.”

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