Cheap slug repellent will ‘deter’ them from destroying your plants this autumn

Gardening expert details natural ways to deal with slugs

Slugs are a nuisance in any garden as they enjoy eating and leaving holes in plants, and will be even more of a problem in autumn as it is their reproduction time. 

These critters can ruin flowers and greatly weaken plants, which can make gardens very vulnerable for the upcoming frosty winter season. They can also be a pain for any gardeners trying to prepare for spring by planting bulbs or seeding at the moment. 

In cool temperate climates, one slug is capable of producing 400 eggs during its reproduction period, meaning it is best to act quickly if you suspect these insects are eating your plants. 

Some losses to slugs are unfortunately inevitable as it is impossible for a garden to be completely pest-free, but luckily there is a very cheap and easy way of keeping slugs away from your garden that does not require using any harsh chemicals.  

David Domoney is a gardening expert and horticulturist with years of experience when it comes to dealing with slugs. In a video online, David has explained his best tips to “deter slugs from eating your plants.” 

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Planting method 

One sure way to keep slugs away from your garden requires a bit of effort but will guarantee a more critter-free garden. 

Planting allium vegetables such as garlic, onions, leeks and chives in your garden will repel slugs as it is extremely poisonous for them. Without a food source, slugs will likely move on to another area. 

David suggested: “Plant in some plants. Chive for instance planted on some of the borders. This produces Allionwhich if eaten by slugs and snails can be very toxic.”

Not only are they a good pest control, but allium vegetables are very hardy and can be planted in autumn before the first frost. 

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Coffee grounds method

A natural way to keep slugs away from your garden is sprinkling coffee grounds around your garden. Slugs are sensitive to certain smells and the strong fragrance of coffee will discourage slugs from staying in your garden. 

Coffee grounds can attract insects such as earthworms into your garden which will loosen soil and help keep plants fertile. It can also keep other plant-destroying animals away such as ants and cats. 

However, it should be noted that this method must be applied often as coffee is water soluble, meaning it will be washed away when it rains. 

David said: “This last thing can be quite pungent and isn’t a plant at all although it used to be, and that’s coffee grounds. By sprinkling coffee grounds at least 12 inches from your plants, don’t put it right up to your plants, just around the outside, it will act as a deterrent. 

“Now just for that slugs and snails are scared that it will be something that will try them out but also the fragrance it gives off deters them too.” 

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