‘Best’ method to use common kitchen scrap item to ‘boost’ roses – ‘repels cats’

Alan Titchmarsh gives advice on growing shrub roses

While composting is recommended for gardeners to cut back on waste and grow a thriving garden, it can be a lot of work.

Gardeners have to learn the process in order to master it, and it requires an investment of time, effort and regular maintenance. 

For those who want to do more with their food scraps but aren’t sure if they’re ready to dive into composting just yet, they can be put to use in the garden without composting.

Gardeners can take the cuttings, peels and roots left behind and deposit them directly into the soil of the garden for plant-boosting soil additives or pest-fighting protection, all without any waiting required. 

One particular food scrap item that can be used in this way is coffee grounds.

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Taking to the Gardening UK Facebook page, one woman asked what she could use a box of coffee grounds she had collected for free.

Helen Skinner wrote: “The coffee shop down the road has let me collect a box of grounds. How is it best to use though? 

“Do I just add a few scoops to the watering can or do I dig it in around the plant’s roots? I plan on using it for my roses, rhododendrons and azaleas. Thank you.”

Group members flooded the comments section sharing their recommendations on what to use it on and how.

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Frances Reed said: “I’m getting some from my local coffee shop for my roses. Been using it for years. Never fails me.”

Jim Saunders claimed: “The best way to use coffee grounds is to dig it into the soil around your roses using a fork.”

Sandra Ferguson commented: “I sprinkle them around the base of my roses to give them a boost, then fork it in and water. 

“Found that the coffee has even worked to repel cats and rats I’ve seen entering my garden.”

Sheryl Worthy said: “I scatter mine throughout the whole garden. It’s great for keeping the slugs at bay too.” Rosemary Martin added: “And cats.”

Tracey Mclellan noted: “I just sprinkle mine over the top of the soil have done for 15 plus years now used tea bags too, and my partner drinks a lot of ground coffee.”

Both used and fresh coffee grounds contain nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and tons of micronutrients, and can be used in the garden as fertiliser.

Many gardeners swear by this kitchen scrap for repelling slugs, snails and rats and keeping cats from using gardens as litter boxes.

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