55p essential is the ‘most effective’ method for cleaning patios – expert advice

Gardening tips: How to remove moss on drives and patios

Patios can get mucky and are prone to algae, mould, mildew, lichen and moss, especially if the patio is located in a damp, shady area.

Before winter begins, an expert has urged gardeners to clean their patios and paving slabs.

Sam Williams, DIY expert at SGS Engineering, has shared exactly how to wash patios before the weather changes.

He said: “As a starting point, it’s crucial to work on a clean surface.

“Making sure your patio is clear from dirt, moss, and mould will not only make sure you get a better finish but will also give it a better appearance in the long run.”

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The expert also shared that, contrary to popular belief, gardeners do not need expensive or specialised products to clean patios.

In fact, he said one of the “most effective cleaning hacks” is just washing up liquid mixed with warm water.

He suggested adding a tablespoon of washing-up liquid to a bucket of warm water to create a soapy solution.

Then, pour it over the patio or paving slabs, and scrub away with a hard-bristle brush.

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Sam continued: “Remember to scrub diagonally, as this is less likely to damage the stone.

“And if you have stubborn stains, then using white vinegar is a fantastic, eco-friendly, and efficient substitute when cleaning your patio.

“Just remember not to use this on limestone paving slabs, though, as it will harm the surface.”

Washing up liquid is relatively cheap and can be bought online or from most supermarkets.

JUST ESSENTIALS by Asda Washing Up Liquid costs 55p, Sainsbury’s Washing Up Liquid costs 60p and Tesco Original Washing Up costs 65p.

White vinegar is also affordable and can be bought online for as little as 99p.

Using a jet washer to clean patios and paving slabs

Many people use jet washers to clean patios and paving slabs and they can be very handy if they want to clean patios quickly.

However, it can also damage pavers if it’s not done carefully, revealing the aggregate which is why Sam recommends trying the other cleaning methods first before using a pressure washer.

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