Three food storage tips to keep fruits and veggies fresh during a heatwave

Food poisoning: Expert gives advice on safe food storage

Summer is going out with a blast as a lot of people are currently struggling with a late summer heatwave, and may be struggling to save money because of it.

It has been estimated that the hot weather could be costing households an additional £670 this week to keep cool due to how expensive it can now cost, as the prices of objects such as fans, suncream and cooling mats have gone up.

Luckily, there is an easy way to save money during a heatwave by making fruit and vegetables last “as long as humanly possible” according to one food expert, who has explained there are three simple ways to keep food fresher for longer.

Sally Miller lives in the Australian Outback, one of the most remote parts of Australia and has revealed it takes her three hours to get to the grocery store, and that the prices of shopping have “outrageously” gone up.

In order to save money, Sally has become a master of food storage. She said: “This is how to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for longer because groceries are expensive. It’s 2023 and we’re no longer wasting food.”

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Water Jar Method

Sally’s first food storage hack will help keep celery and carrots crunch and fresh much longer. She said: “You’re probably going to think I’m crazy, but I’m telling you, this is going to keep your vegetables fresh for an entire month..”

In order to try out this method, you will need jars, a knife, a chopping board as well as your vegetables.

In an online video, Sally explained that you can chop up and prepare your carrots and celery, fill a jar with water and place the vegetables inside to keep them stored.

She said: “Pop up your celery so that it fits inside your jars without overstuffing them. You have to make sure that you don’t fill these up too much. I have made the mistake before of really filling them up, and then when it comes to actually eating or using your celery, you can’t get it out, because it’s stuck.

“Next peel and chop your carrots. Then, all you want to do is cover the entire thing with water. Try not to spill it ’cause you’ll make a mess.”

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Take off all plastic packaging

When buying food such as bananas, potatoes, onions, peppers or lettuce, make sure you take it out of its original packaging before placing it in your vegetable drawer in the fridge.

The plastic can prevent air circulation and cause these foods to spoil before their time. Certain foods such as apples, bananas, melons, pears and tomatoes also produce ethylene gas, a growth hormone which will cause them to spoil much more quickly without ventilation.

It should be noted that these foods can also make other vegetables and fruits spoil much more quickly, and should be stored separately in order to keep food fresher for longer.

Sally said: “Anything that you have bought that is coming in plastic, take it out of the plastic and ditch the plastic.

“All it is going to do to your fruit and vegetables is make them decompose faster, that is not what we want. Then, pop it back into the fridge.”

Freeze herbs, spinach and certain fruits

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Finally, Sally said that you can stop certain herbs, fruits, and vegetables from rotten by freezing them. Sally said: “Did you know you can freeze avocados and they will last for months? Take a couple of avocados and put them in the freezer.

“I also like to freeze any excess herbs or spinach that I have. Your freezer is literally going to be your best friend.”

Sally also explained that you can prepare these foods in trays to make delicious cold smoothies to keep cool, which can help during a heatwave.

Sally explained: “When it comes to keeping things like fruits and vegetables fresh for as long as humanly possible, freeing fruits and vegetables is a great way to keep them fresh.

“My favourite way to do this is to pre-portion out little smoothie packs that I like to have in the afternoon when I’m done with work and I just need a little frozen treat.”

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