The cheapest pumpkin spice latte on the high street revealed

Autumn is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing – pumpkin spice lattes will be back in action.

As the leaves start to turn orange and red over the next few weeks, and the weather starts to drop, we’ll all be turning to the humble pumpkin spice latte for comfort when those colder days set in.

In fact, for those who can’t wait, you can buy them now at Greggs and Starbucks.

But, with the nation still feeling the pinch of the cost of living crisis, it begs the question: which outlet has the cheapest offering?

After all, regular takeaway coffees can add up to a significant sum every month.

Coming in as the cheapest pumpkin spice latte on the high street is Greggs, which currently offers a small for £2.40.

The most expensive, on the other hand, is Starbucks at £3.65 for a tall (which is confusingly a small, in terms of size).

Costa sits in between at £3.25 for a small – however this is going off last year’s prices, as the chain hasn’t launched the seasonal drink for 2023 yet.

Similarly, Pret’s PSL sits at around £3.20 for a cup.

So, that’s a saving of £1.25 between the highest and lowest, which may not sound like a lot but adds up if you’re buying a few drinks every week.

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