Michelin-star chef shares recipe for the ‘perfect’ scrambled eggs

Gordon Ramsay reveals how to make perfect scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs may seem like an easy meal to make, but one Michelin-star chef has explained there is a science to making this breakfast dish.

Paul Foster is an accomplished chef who has written a cookbook and owns the British restaurants GrassFed and Salt.

On his TikTok account @paulfosterchef, Paul showed with his followers how to make scrambled eggs “properly” as he was shocked at how many people did not understand the cooking technique behind scrambled eggs.

In order to begin cooking, Paul said that three eggs are “all you need” and to give them a really good whisking in a bowl, but do not add any salt or pepper just yet.

Paul then said: “Put a knob of butter in a pan, just a warm pan…It’s really important that it is just melting.” However, Paul said the secret to making the best scrambled eggs is to only cook them with butter, and not add any milk to the mixture.

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Once your eggs are added to the pan, Paul said it must be stirred right away but put on a very low heat while on the stove. Paul said: “It will start setting at first but it should be on a really low heat. In total, it should cook for a total of five minutes on the stove for the perfect scrambled egg.”

Paul said that the eggs would start to thicken but should still appear liquidity, and that cooks should not be tempted to turn the heat up.

The chef then explained that scrambled eggs must be cooked slowly. He said: “Now what happens when you cook any protein like eggs, it coagulates. Without getting into the science of it, coagulation is best when it’s done slowly.”

Paul added: “When you overcook any protein, the stands of protein push out the moisture. We do it slowly so it locks the moisture in.”

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Once the eggs and properly cooked they should appear thick and creamy, which is when they should be properly seasoned with salt and pepper.

Paul then slid the scrambled eggs onto a plate and said: “Look at that, that is perfect scrambled eggs!”

He added: “It’s glossy, it’s creamy, it’s just holding its own weight which is really important. It’s not running all over the place, and it’s not sat up stiff or overcooked little balls. It even has a sexy little wobble to it when you shake [the plate].”

In the video comment section, many online users thanked Paul for taking the time to teach them how to make their scrambled eggs perfectly.

One user commented: “These are absolutely spot on, just how I like them.”

Another person wrote: “FINALLY! Someone has cooked scrambled eggs the way they’re meant to be cooked….cooking them in butter is a game changer!”

Someone else said: “Perfect scrambled eggs! It’s surprising how many people don’t know how to cook them properly” to which Paul replied: “Mad, isn’t it?”

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