Keep spinach fresh for weeks and stop it from going ‘soggy and limp’

Spinach: Various health benefits explained by farmer

Spinach’s nutritional value makes it the perfect addition to any salad, smoothie, or lots of other different recipes to give your diet a healthy kick.

However, this leafy green is known to spoil very fast, and it can be incredibly frustrating to go cook a meal only to discover one of your ingredients has shrivelled up or gone soggy.

Due to its high moisture content, spinach is known to last only up to seven days at most but luckily, one food expert has explained how to double its life shelf and make spinach last much longer by storing it correctly.

Lottie Dalziel is an environmentalist who wishes to give people the “tips and tools to live responsibly” and she explained her food storage trick will not only work on spinach but coriander as well.

In a TikTok video, Lottie said: “Here’s exactly how to keep spinach from going all soggy and limp after you’ve literally just brought it home from the store.”

Lottie explained that once you bring your shopping home from the supermarket you should immediately put your spinach in a Tupperware container, but avoid using a plastic one if you can.

Spinitch should only be washed when it is about to be used but storing it in an airtight container is likely to make it last longer as the moisture in spinach makes it break down more quickly and begin to rot.

Place a few paper towels in the Tupperware container to keep out most of the moisture and keep your spinach fresh.

However, Lottie has suggested placing a Swedish dishcloth in with your spinach, as these ultra-absorbent cloths are the best solution for keeping out moisture in your spinach. Swedish dishcloths can be bought on Amazon and Lottie said they are “amazing” due to being made out of cellulose.

Lottie said: “Add in a Swedish dishcloth. These absorb the excess moisture so they keep everything nice, crisp, and crunchy.”

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Once the spinach is in the container with either a paper towel or Swedish dishcloth, Lottie said: “Seal it up, and then pop it into your refrigerator, and I’ve found this last for up to 14 days.”

Spinitch can be placed anywhere in the fridge but should never be placed next to ethylene-producing fruit such as bananas or apples, as ethylene gas will cause your spinitch to go bad much more quickly.

In Lottie’s video comment section, people praise Lottie for her easy food storage advice.

One user said: “Oooh Swedish dishcloth, brilliant!” while another person said: “14 days is amazing!”

However, someone else had their own spinach storage tip. The commentator wrote: “I find it also useful to turn the container upside down so the paper towel/dishcloth is at the bottom and soaking up everything! Great tip!”

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