Cooking tip for ‘the creamiest’ scrambled eggs using water

It’s no secret that adding things like cream, milk and butter to a pan of eggs will make them extra silky, but it also drives up the fat content of the dish.

While it can seem like enjoying guilt-free scrambled eggs means forgoing the buttery flavour, one cooking expert has found a solution.

They claimed that extra ingredients aren’t necessary and that it’s possible to get “the creamiest of the creamy eggs” without adding any kind of fats or dairy products.

One cooking fanatic claimed that this simply isn’t necessary, however, and that it’s possible to get “the creamiest of the creamy eggs” without any actual cream, milk, oil or butter.

Sharing the clever tip on his food blog Fork and Twist, James revealed that it comes down to technique – and it’s easy enough for anyone to master.

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Recipe for creamy scrambled eggs

Many cooking experts suggest paying close attention the to heat of the pan when scrambling eggs while others say stirring is the most important.

But James claimed that it’s neither. He said: “Here’s the secret: steam and time. Set a heat-proof bowl over a saucepan with an inch and a half of simmering water in the bottom and gently scramble the eggs.”

Of course, this method is most commonly used to melt chocolate on the hob, but when cooking eggs this way, it’s important to allow the bowl of water to get much hotter than normal.

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James said that once the bowl of water is nice and hot, it’s easy to “gently cook the eggs slowly until they become thick, creamy and scrambled”.

While the cooking blogger’s hack is very simple, it will work best when three or more eggs are being scrambled and the water level is low enough so the bowl isn’t touching it.

The liquid should also simmer rather than boil as the eggs curdle, but this is easy to determine by paying attention to the size of the bubbles – (the smaller the better).

When it comes to stirring the eggs, James suggested a “little and often” approach at the start, but when they start to thicken and scramble, they should be stirred more frequently to prevent overcooking.

He continued: “These need a good amount of attention towards the end. Do not leave these unattended as they will more than likely overcook.

“Keep a close eye on them as they start to thicken quickly and will soon go over if you’re not careful.”

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