Cook bacon that’s ‘super crispy and delicious’ with no extra ingredients

That said, it’s not the easiest thing to master in the kitchen, particularly when it comes to larger slices of back bacon.

But one TikTok creator has found a simple trick that means anyone can enjoy perfectly crunchy bacon with no burnt bits in sight.

Sharing her tip in a video on her page, @‌missemilybeer, the bacon-lover claimed that her method was “chaotic”, but absolutely works to make “bacon that is super crispy and delicious”.

Unlike many cooking hacks, Emily stuck with a traditional frying pan rather than using an air fryer for the job.

And all that she used for cooking was the bacon itself.

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The TikTok star said: “I start with a cold pan on medium-high heat, I layer my bacon in there and then once it starts cooking a little bit I just squish it around.”

Emily had filled her pan with streaky bacon in the video rather than arranging it in one neat layer as many cooking hacks suggest.

But this was all part of her method, according to the TikTok creator.

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She continued: “You see all of the fat that’s rendering out of it, that is what you want because we’re essentially frying our bacon in its own fat.”

This is what gets it “extra crispy” without adding anything at all to the pan, not even water.

Emily proceeded to cook the bacon in the pan at the same heat while simply stirring the rashers around every few seconds.

This resulted in strips of evenly cooked bacon with a great crunchy texture and “no pieces that are almost burnt”.

Anyone who tries this cooking method at home should notice the colour change in the meat as it crisps up to become deep pink all over, even on the white rind.

Emily urged: “Don’t turn down the heat, just keep letting it go, and when you’re done, move it to a paper towel-lined plate and you have beautiful crispy bacon.”

Impressed TikTok users took to the comments to share their thoughts on the method, with one person writing: “So you’re telling me I don’t have to only cook four pieces next to each other at a time?”

Another said: “The way you single-handily ended the ‘don’t overcrowd the pan’ crowd! I love!”

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