Controversial potato storage tip is the ‘best’ for keeping them fresh – expert

Raw potatoes are unlike most vegetables as they can contain harmful compounds that can irritate the stomach when digested.

That’s why is important to pay close attention to where they are stored after bringing them home from the supermarket.

Even if they’re grown fresh from the garden, keeping spuds in the correct place is crucial to their safety and longevity.

But while many people reach for a cool, dark cupboard to keep the root vegetables intact for as long as possible, one food expert has warned against it.

Kate Hall, food expert and founder of The Full Freezer issued conflicting advice on where to keep them by suggesting storing potatoes in the fridge.

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Kate explained that this is now possible because of new guidance issued on the matter by the UK Food Standards Agency earlier this year.

She said: “Previously it was said we shouldn’t keep potatoes in the fridge as there were concerns that this could lead to extra sugars in the potatoes, which then turn to acrylamide when cooked – a substance that has been linked with the risk of developing cancer.”

Also known as the FSA, the Food Standards Agency previously recommended that potatoes be stored in a dark, cool place at temperatures above 6C instead.

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Now, however, new research has deemed it safe to keep potatoes in the fridge – and it’s a great way to prolong their fresh, earthy flavour.

While spuds don’t technically have an expiry date, they can be stored indefinitely in the cool appliance as long as they are properly prepared beforehand.

Sylvia Anderson, a food safety expert, claimed that the first – and most crucial step, is to remove all excess moisture from the potatoes before stowing them away.

Sylvia explained: “Moisture can cause potatoes to rot, so it’s essential to keep them dry. Wipe off any dirt before storing them and avoid washing them until you’re ready to use them.”

This is easily done with a clean tea towel, though they can instead be left to dry off naturally by simply being laid out on one instead of patted down.

The food expert’s second top tip for keeping potatoes for as long as possible in the fridge was to separate them from onions, apples, and some other ethylene-sensitive produce, as the spuds are known to release ethylene gas.

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