You have 20/20 vision if you can lay eyes on the wise owl hiding in the forest in under 5 seconds | The Sun

YOU just might have perfect vision if you can spot the wise owl hiding in this image in under five seconds.

Owls are known for hiding in plain sight, especially in forest environments but one in particular has people scratching their heads.

A photo of a Great Grey Owl has captured the attention of many, turning into an optical illusion that people are desperate to solve.

At first glance, it seems that the image is of a tree trunk but upon closer inspection, the 30-inch owl is hidden in the center of it.

Its brown and white feathers closely match the texture seen on the bark of the tree, making it easy to assume its a seamless image.

The pictures were taken in the Thompson-Nicola region in British Columbia, Canada by small business owner Chi Kit Leong, from Macau, China.

The Great Grey Owl can suddenly vanish by turning its eyes away from the camera lens.

This came in handy when the photographer snapped the photo.

If you still couldn't find the pesky animal, we've included an image of the bird perched on a branch and staring into the camera.

Still wanting to test your vision? The U.S. Sun has plenty more illusions and brain teasers that will rack your brain.

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