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IF you want to bring some aviation-themed fun into the bedroom, the helicopter sex position might be for you.

Not only is it adventurous, but it will also blow you away if you can master it correctly.

What is the Helicopter sex position?

Now, before you go getting any crazy ideas, the Helicopter is not where you try to whip their penis around like helicopter blades.

This is a real sex position and comes from the way your bodies look during the deed.

With the Helicopter, flexibility and strength are a must as well as having the stamina to get into the position and maintain it for however long you last.

There are also different variations that you and your lover can choose between so you can get a better orgasm – from the classic to the grounded.

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How do you perform the helicopter sex position?

Like most things in this life, the Helicopter sex position will show you that good things really do come to those who wait.

It'll take some time to get the hang of this position, but once you do you and your partner will be able to enjoy the benefits.

If you do feel like giving it a go, with the consent of your partner, follow these instructions.

  • Get your partner onto all fours, head down and bum upwards.
  • From the opposite angle, head away from the bottom person, get into a plank position
  • Once you're in the correct position, insert your penis or strap-on into the bottom, et voila!

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Sounds simple enough right?

Start slow and check in regularly to see how you’re both enjoying it.

You might even want to try it with clothes on first to get a feel for how your bodies will need to operate.

Sex therapist for Peaches and Screams Tatyana Dyachencko told Cosmopolitan in 2021: "The partner that is going to be penetrated needs to get on their hands and knees like you would in the doggy style position. 

"The penetrating partner then gets on their hands and knees, lift their legs over the partner's back, and inserts their penis or dildo into their partner. 

"The partner on top will be in a high plank position supporting themselves either with their hand or elbows."

To thrust, the penetrating partner will need to perform mini push-ups, so Tatyana suggests trying the position lying down at first to keep everything steady but still fun.

This position does require a lot of work and some may not be up for it.

But never fear, there are plenty of other less acrobatic positions that couples can use to spice up their sexy time.

Is the helicopter sex position safe?

Like anything that happens during spicy times, when performed correctly it's safe and enjoyable for all involved.

Once you get the hang of the Helicopter you and your partner will be rewarded with a mind-blowing orgasm.

However, this move is not for the weak.

If you don't have the core strength or flexibility needed to do this safely, it may be best to try something else.

You can also alter the Helicopter slightly to an easier version where the bottom person is lying flat, less taxing on the top's arms.

While sexperts have suggested that there's another top tip for those couples wanting to give this a try – using lube to ensure a pleasant experience all around.

Others have also stressed the importance of afterplay. Basically, on the come down from the high, take care of one another.

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Trust me, it'll make the whole experience so much better.

Most importantly just have fun, if it breaks up a monotonous sexual routine – whether it ends in laughter or an insane orgasm – that’s the main thing.

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