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WHEN it comes to gym wear, everyone has their own preferences.

So you're guaranteed to see a huge variety of workout outfits if you hit the local gym – from sports bras and shorts to baggy T-shirts and leggings.

However, one woman found herself causing a stir with her ensemble, as she appeared to have forgotten her bottoms ahead of her session.

Bethy is a huge lover of wearing cute sets to her gym, and clearly has a wardrobe of choices judging by her previous outfits.

But it was her decision to put on some nude leggings – that were incredibly close to her natural skin colour – that really raised eyebrows.

And while it was clear that she was wearing trousers when she worked out in her crop top, when she wore a baggy T-shirt over the leggings it was harder to make it out.

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People were quick to comment on the TikTok video showing Bethy's workout, with one writing: "Now why would u buy that colour?"

"Don’t scare me like that!" another urged.

"Kinda like you want the attention though," a third commented.

"Because who the f**k wants people to think they’re not wearing pants …"

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"But who in their right mind thinks someone's naked?" Bethy hit back.

"Ppl shouldn't assume you don't have pants on," another defended Bethy.

"They're kinda weird for thinking you would do that."

"WTF!" someone else raged.

"Mannn I would lose focus!" another admitted.

"Now I know the legging trend you're talking about," someone else commented, tagging their friend.

"There is absolutely no way that those are comfortable," another insisted.

Not everyone was against the look though, with one writing: "The colour looks great, you look amazing.

"People are weird!"

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Bethy also revealed in response to someone that she gets all her gym gear from Amazon.

She instructed people to search for "scrunch butt lifting seamless leggings" on the shopping site.

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