The moment a bloke is left stunned as woman tries to cross the road with 'no pants on' | The Sun

HE was just minding his own business as he drove along.

But Tom's journey came to a dramatic halt when he spotted a womanwho appeared to have no trousers on, waiting to cross the road.

Bemused, he took to TikTok to share a video showing the lady, over the top of which he wrote: "Is this woman pantless or just wearing the worst leggings EVER?"

In the clip, the woman was seen apparently taking a hands-free phone call as she wore a green velvet jacket, sunglasses and baseball cap.

But it was what she was wearing, or wasn't wearing, on her bottom half that raised eyebrows.

At first glance, it looked as though she was wearing no underwear, with some strange-looking legwarmers that went from her shin to her upper thigh.

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It was only by looking at the band of the trousers around her ankle that people were able to confirm that she was, in fact, wearing bottoms.

"Pantless or worst leggings ever? #opticalillusions," Tom added in his video caption.

"We will never know," one person commented on the clip.

"So true!" Tom replied.

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"Looks like its covering everywhere but where its supposed to!" another added.

"It's the opposite of shorts."

"Why is she wearing her underpants outside?" a third questioned.

As someone else commented: "She should get a refund!"

"That kinda confused me for a sec," another admitted.

"At first I was like WHAT!" someone else agreed.

Others defended the woman, with one writing: "She looks beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with her leggings!"

"Bro let her dress the way she wants," another added.

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"Clearly wearing leggings look at her ankles," a third insisted.

"Leggings obviously bruh let her be," someone else commented.

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