Skims’ viral dress is the ugliest item I’ve ever put on my body, it clings to my stomach, I don’t get the hype | The Sun

A FITNESS coach with a body of rippling muscles has slammed the Skims viral dress.

She just did not get the hype that surrounded this lounge dress.

It may have enjoyed huge popularity online, but as far as this TikToker was concerned, it was the ugliest item she had ever put on her body.

It clung to her curves in all the wrong places, making it a big no-no for her.

Sydney Pfleging (@sydneyflexing) is a fitness coach, with a tightly toned body.

Wearing shape-hugging dresses should, therefore, have been a guaranteed success. But not necessarily with all brands.

“Certain dresses make me look snatched as f**k, but not Skims," she said.

In her post, she slipped on the $78 long slip edition in gray.

“I tried on the viral Skims dress," she said. After some considered appraisal, she delivered her verdict.

“The most unflattering thing I’ve ever put on," she said.

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“Now that I’m really looking at them, this fit’s kind of ugly."

It was a mystery to Sydney how anyone wore this design at all.

“How the eff do you girls not have to suck your stomach in the whole time you’re wearing this? Or am I doing something wrong?" she asked.

She did manage to glean something positive from the experience: “Super comfy material though.”

There was an enormous response to her post, attracting over 459,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Commenters thought she looked great, despite what she thought.

One person said: “I think you genuinely look amazing. Not everyone’s bodies are the same. But stomachs are so f**king cute and attractive.”

Her honesty was appreciated too: “Finally a realistic try-on. I get this with my dress.”

For success in this dress, you have to start with the foundation, suggested several viewers.

“Whenever I wear dresses that shape I always use shapewear. Honestly helps," said this person.

Too much hard work was the opinion of this fashion fan: “This is why I’ll never buy one of them, I don’t have the discipline to hold my stomach in all day.”

This viewer had a similar experience: “Dude, I couldn’t agree more, I ordered the pink shimmer one with shapewear and I legit looked like a bumpy road. I’m returning.”

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