Relationship pro says there’s ‘one acceptable way everyone can cheat’ & most of us are guilty of it | The Sun

SENDING someone racy snaps or arranging a hotel date behind your partner's back – the two acts we usually associate with cheating.

But according to one relationship expert, there's something called ''micro cheating'' – and almost everyone is guilty of it.

These, Jana Hocking, from Australia, include everyday small activities, such as giggling with the hot barista at your favourite coffee shop and even admiring the athletic physique of a singer – or perhaps their dad bod.

According to the Aussie whizz, we've all done it – and there's nothing to be shamed for.

''Even if I’ve got a boyfriend (which sadly I do not **sob) I’m still going to say, “Phwoooar” to my work girlfriends when the office hottie walks past,'' she told

What's more, Jana went on to add, she'd hope her future partner would to the exact same too – or, when together, the two would spend their date checking out sexy strangers in public for the ultimate ''bonding experiences''.

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Those who disagree with 'micro cheating', meanwhile, are advised to get help and work on their control issues, Jana added.

Another totally ''ridiculous'' red flag for the Aussie singleton is telling your loved one they cannot have any attractive friends of the opposite sex.

She went on: ''As a single gal myself, I’m not going to stop brushing my hair and forgoing makeup just so I can remain mates with some of the good guys in my life who are shacked up.

''I like to think their girlfriends are confident enough to know I am certainly not a threat.''

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To those pals who often reach out to their expert friend Jana always reminds that more often than not they're simply ''turning something very minor into a bigger problem than it is''.

According to the pro, there is only one reason you'd have an issue with your partner chatting to others – and that's if you’ve been up to no good.


''I think so many people spend far too much time keeping track of their partner, and constantly snooping to see if they are cheating.

''It must be exhausting. How about you both just live your lives and hope for the best,'' she advised.

At the end of the day, Jana reminded, if they're going to cheat, they're going to cheat – but you shouldn't spend countless hours looking for it.

This is essentially like manifesting it – and you don't want to be doing that (we hope?).

Previously, the Aussie said she loved blokes complimenting her boobs and cat-calling her – in her eyes, there's nothing wrong with men objectifying women.

In fact, she enjoys the attention so much, she even finds it somewhat ''flattering''.

She explained that this instantly brightens her mood on days when she's feeling ''bloated, puffy, and generally blaaaaah''.

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''I don’t know about you, but it sure lifts my spirits.''

Jana Hocking is a podcaster| @jana_hocking | Jana (with a J)

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