My mom altered my wedding dress without consent as it 'showed too much cleavage,’ I’m furious she wants me to cover up | The Sun

A BRIDE-TO-BE has been left seething after her mom altered her wedding dress without consent.

The interfering matriarch figured it was reasonable because the gown "showed too much cleavage."

But this bride was furious that her mom wanted her to cover up.

It was her special day and she should be the one calling the shots, not mom.

Nevertheless, feeling beleaguered, she did wonder if she over-reacted.

In an attempt to gain some clarity and reassurance, she took her dress drama to the online forum Reddit.

There was a huge number of responses to her post, all wholly sympathetic to her plight.

One comment was typical of many others when they described her mom's behavior: "This is narcissism on another level."

For the benefit of Redditors, she laid out the sorry situation.

"My mom changed my wedding dress without my consent. I wish I were joking.

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"[She] altered my wedding dress in a way I explicitly asked her not to."

This mom felt there was not enough coverage: "She told me I showed too much cleavage and that I needed to cover up."

But the bride was happy with the style: "I said I thought it was fine and that I did not want to change the dress multiple times and even texted her about it."

Her appeals and entreaties, however, fell on stony ground.

"Mom just went ahead anyway and made the adjustments.

"She betrayed my trust in a big way," she said.

Her mother's response? "She told me I was ungrateful for the work her and my father put in."

Commenters rounded on her mom in their thousands.

Her conduct was, they said in an almost universal response, way out of order.

There was also plenty of reassurance for the bride but also some advice.

"You need to enforce boundaries, including not giving your mother opportunities to screw you over," said one person.

Another had some sobering words for her: "Abuse can be a hard word to hear, but that’s exactly what’s going on here. In my experience, therapy is needed."

This is a life-long pattern according to this person: "Honestly I think you’re under-reacting.

"Your 'normal meter' is probably broken by dealing with your mom’s behavior your whole life. Normal moms don’t do this."

"She altered your dress without your approval. It doesn't matter how it looks. It's not healthy. It's toxic," opined this Redditor.


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But this person had a simple solution.

"Forget the wedding. Elope to Hawaii so you can have a nice day and not have to deal with her."

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