My man proposed and I hate the small, basic ring – I want to change it for a flashier one but people say I'm ungrateful | The Sun

A BRIDE-TO-BE has divided opinion after revealing plans to trade in her “small and basic” engagement ring.

The woman, from Scotland, is newly engaged but has admitted she hates the ring her fiancé popped on her finger.

In a Facebook post, she asked: “Has anyone not liked the ring?”

She then added: “I feel awful but I really dislike mine, it’s very small and basic and it really doesn’t suit me at all.

“Has anyone changed their ring? How did it go and why did you do it?”

But many people have urged her to stick with the ring she already has, branding her “hurtful” for even considering a swap. 

One said: “I couldn't do it, it's just a ring at the end of the day. 

“Your partner and relationship is more important and the thought of saying that to him and hurting his feelings hurts me more than caring about jewellery. 

“Just pick a wedding ring that suits, there's so many ways to bring rings together.”

A second agreed: “I think it’s hurtful to change it, it’s a gift from him to you asking for your hand in marriage so I’m sure you can see the beauty in that.”

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A third wrote: “I wouldn’t dream of changing it – he took time, thought and panic buying it worrying about it and ultimately making his best efforts all for you and his future.

“In time you will love it and if not on an anniversary when you are both a little better off after building on the promise of the little engagement ring you can both buy bigger and better.”

“Imagine even caring that much. I’d be happy with a hula hoop”, another fumed.

Meanwhile, a fifth insisted: “My engagement ring meant more to me because he went to all the effort and stress to pick it for me and I'm the fussiest person for jewellery. 

“I didn't love it at the time but it means more to me now.”

Others, however, are firmly on the woman’s side and offered advice on how to break the news to her man.

“I would 100% tell him in a constructive way”, one said. 

“It’s a big investment for him money wise, so he will want to be sure you like it and he probably felt out of his depth choosing!

“Also, it’s something you’re going to be wearing everyday for the rest of your life, so you’re best having something that you love and feel comfortable wearing.”

A second wrote: “If you really don’t like it, and can’t see yourself growing to like it then speak to your fiancé, but exchange it for something within the same price range as you don’t want him thinking it’s about it not being expensive enough.”

Another admitted: “Mine was small and if I’m honest made me a bit angry because he wasn’t short of money but spent as little as he could get away with! 

“I took it back to the shop he got it from who part exchanged it for a bigger version. I never said a word and neither did he – if he even noticed?! 

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“I felt that I had to wear it & look at it every day so it was important to be happy with it. BTW – we’re separated now. Should maybe have read the signs.”

And a fourth wrote: “Just tell him or he might continue to make ‘not to your taste’ choices for gifts in future.”

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