My DIY 2-ingredient cleaning paste will leave your oven sparkling – it works well at removing dried, stuck-on foods | The Sun

A CLEANING expert has shared her chemical-free DIY paste that will leave your oven spotless and sparkling.

She said her two-ingredient mixture works so well at removing grease and grime that not one trace of stuck-on food will be found.

"If you want the inside of your oven to be this sparkling clean but also want to avoid the toxic chemicals found in oven cleaners, you will love this all-natural cleaning hack," said Kasha (@kasha_home).

She started mixing her non-toxic concoction that included half a cup of baking soda and a fourth cup of water.

"Mix these together to form a paste that should be the consistency of pancake batter," she explained.

Kasha put her gloves on and geared up for oven cleaning battle as she removed the wire racks.

Her first steps to a sparkling clean included smearing the paste over the metal and glass parts of the oven.

She also shared a warning: "Be sure to avoid the heating coils like the ones on the roof of mine."

After the entire inside of the oven was covered in the mix, she let it sit for 20 minutes.

"Making a paste helps the baking soda adhere to the sides of the oven so it can break down the food and grease, making it easy to clean with a scrubber sponge," she said.

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The cleaning guru also demonstrated just why her baking soda paste is so potent.

"Baking soda is alkaline, while oven grease and most food particles are acidic, so it neutralizes the acid," said Kasha.

Being a mild abrasive means that it's also extra effective at removing dried, stuck-on foods.

She had indeed found many fans of her DIY kitchen concoction.

"My oven cleaner spray wasn’t working so I added this paste on top and it totally worked on my old grease stains! Thanks!" emphasized one satisfied follower.

"So glad to hear that. Baking soda is pure magic," Kesha happily replied.

She demonstrated how the paste also worked to clean sink racks with a scrubber sponge.

Now that the oven was spotless, she had just one thing left to do: wipe off all the baking soda residue with a damp, microfiber cloth.

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One viewer had her own tip to add: "Take your door off for an easy reach."

"Thanks! I’ll totally try that next time," said Kesha.

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