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A CLEANING whizz has unveiled her clever method to get tough grease stains out of clothes… and it’s dirt cheap too. 

Chantel Mila often uses her social media account to share her top tips and tricks when it comes to having a sparkling home.

And while she usually likes to tackle hard-to-reach areas of the house, in one video she decided to give a laundry hack.

“How to rid tough oil stains,” she wrote over the clip as she showed several marks on a piece of fabric. 

She first put the item of clothing flat on a table before placing a plate on top of the area with the stain on it. 

Flipping it over, she then placed a tablespoon of dish soap to “cut through the oil” and then sprinkled the area with baking soda. 

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This was done to absorb all the oil in the area. 

Using a small brush, she gently scrubbed the area with small circular movements and wrote: “Leave for 10 mins [and] wash as usual”. 

TikTok user @mama_mila_ then revealed the final results, showing that the stains had completely disappeared.

In the caption, she added: “Oil stains disappear like magic. 

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“this method is my go-to for removing both old and fresh oil stains on your favourite clothing! 

“This week my daughter put her lipbalm through the dryer and it left oil marks on all our clothes, so this method has been our saviour this week!” 

Luckily, everyone has dish soap at home and with baking soda being just £1 online, the cost comes to 2p per use – making it a very cheap solution. 

People flocked to the comments to share their thoughts as one person said: “I use Dawn because it cuts grease and then use a toothbrush dipped in baking soda.”

Another said: “omg I needed this,” as a third wrote: “Dishwasher liquid on the stain; straight in the washing machine done”.

Another revealed: “Dry shampoo works great as well. Spray it on let it sit a few hours and wash”.

While one person asked: “Any tips for getting rid of wax on a jumper please?”

To which she responded: “Do you mean like candle wax lovely? That can be removed with ice cubes to freeze it, then lift it up xx”. 

According to Good Housekeeping, the best way to get grease stains out of clothes is to sprinkle some salt or artificial sweetener to keep the stain from setting. 

Then brush off the powder and use a grease-cutting dishwashing soap on it with warm water.

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This should be followed by a normal cycle in the washing machine on the hottest setting safe for the fabric, using a liquid laundry detergent.

You can then let it air dry. 

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