Interior design expert sparks debate after suggesting you should ‘never’ put your sofa against the wall | The Sun

AN INTERIOR design expert has sparked debate after insisting that you should never place your sofa against the wall.

The TikTok user revealed in a video why the important piece of living room furniture should sit further into the room.

Captioning the post, the social media user wrote: "Never place your sofa in THIS position."

Speaking to the camera, he said: "You should never ever, ever place your sofa against the wall. This is not Feng Shui.

"You must move your sofa away from the wall and float your furniture in the middle of the room.

"When you start to detach the sofa away from the walls, you'll notice your design in your living room space feels more attractive."


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Feng Shui is a concept rooted in traditional Chinese culture that focus on achieving harmony in your environment – such as with the placement of objects.

Some of the principles include that you should sleep with your bed facing the door, and that you should keep the toilet seat lid down when not in use.

Additionally, moving your sofa away from the wall may also be more energy efficient – experts state that putting it in front of a radiator can stop heat moving freely around the room, which is important in the colder months.

However, the hack – which has received more than 60,000 'likes', suggesting that many were thankful for the tip- has been criticised in the comments.

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Social media users pointed out the big flaw in his tipCredit: Tiktok – @fangshwhy

One person wrote: "Some people have limited space.. It's not about what's attractive it's about what's feasible."

Another commented: "This is only for well off people who can afford homes with big rooms. My finances are ruining my Feng Shui!"

A third shared: "In the UK we don’t have space to leave a gap behind the sofa. I’m serious."

And a fourth added: "Crying in English houses."

Meanwhile, a fifth noted: "But that space behind the sofa will just give me anxiety."

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