I'm your interior design bestie – avoid a super-cringey detail when decorating for fall, trust me, they don't look good | The Sun

AN interior designer has declared a staple of fall home decoration to be outdated.

Ditch it, she said, because it is super cringey, and opt for a style that is far more contemporary instead.

But her suggestions stirred up a debate in the comments section of her post.

One commenter said she would ignore Kate's (@interiordesignbestie) design advice.

“Nope. I’ll continue using my fall flowers, leaves and pumpkin stems. My family loves them and how I decorate my home for the fall,” she said.

But there was some consensus among her 91,000 TikTok followers.

Kate's platform remit is all about “home décor [and] beauty," but she concentrated on seasonal home styling in this post.

“How to make your house classy and not tacky for fall,” she promised, admitting to a dislike of one item in particular.

“So everyone is always using fall flowers," she said.

"But something they’re always adding to fall flowers, which have become super cringey, is the mini pumpkin stems."

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These, figured Kate, have to go: "They don’t look good. Trust me."

Her reason for her dismissal of the humble pumpkin stem? "They are just too literal."

There was a whole new aesthetic taking place this fall, she said.

"We’re doing concept fall décor," she wrote and demonstrated it with an image of how this should be done.

It was a vase of muted-colored leaves, styled with a single pumpkin at its base. There was no sign of the dreaded stemmed pumpkins.

“It’s just more tasteful and you definitely are still portraying fall without being super tacky.”

This commenter could see her point, but not all of it.

"Agree on pumpkin stems because it’s not natural. But the other option is so unoriginal. Literally every fall video has the same aesthetic. Boring.”

But this viewer said homeowners should decorate their homes just as they wish: “If you like it use it. It doesn’t matter what others think.”

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