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IF your kitchen is looking a bit of a mess but you don’t have hours to spend on your hands and knees scrubbing, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

For many of us, cleaning is a dull chore that we will often try to put off, but for one woman, getting her home spick and span is her form of therapy.

Fabulous took a visit to see Chantelle Devonshire, 22, an English gypsy girl, at her chalet home in Cambridge, to hear about the cleaning tips, tricks and hacks that she swears by.

From cleaning your kitchen worktops to ensuring your window frames are mess-free, Chantelle shared the advice that she lives by, including the 13p hack you must try. 

She also revealed the shops that she regularly visits to stock up her cleaning cupboard, without having to splash too much cash. 

Chantelle has built up an impressive social media following, whereby she posts under the username @chantelle19xoxo, and has a whopping 336,000 loyal followers on TikTok.

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Gypsy girl shares her £1.15 solution that gets grubby worktops shining in seconds

The gypsy girl explained to Fabulous that she can spend four hours a day cleaning and will go through a bottle of bleach every single day, to ensure that her chalet is sparkling. 

Chantelle told Fabulous: “I'm Chantelle, a stay-at-home gypsy wife. I'm 22, from Cambridge and I am living in a chalet.

"Today I'm going to show you how to get your kitchen sparkling.

"I'll show you all the products you'll need and the hacks you must try."

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Bleach, bleach and more bleach

One of the secrets Chantelle swears by for a clean kitchen – you guessed it, bleach.

The gypsy girl revealed: "I go through a lot of bleach, I use it for everything.

“In the toilet, it has its own bottle in there, then one under the sink, then I have bleach outside, for the steps, and for the dogs [pens].

“I go through one bottle of bleach a day. I use a lot of bleach. I think a lot of travellers do.

"It smells better, it’s cleaner and it gets rid of all the germs.”

Oh so Spanish!

Chantelle explained that aside from bleach, one of her favourite cleaning products is a Spanish glass cleaner, which she uses all over her kitchen.

The gypsy cleaning queen uses the Las 3 Brujas glass and mirror cleaner, but uses it on her kitchen sides, alongside bleach and Fairy liquid, to really make them sparkle.

As she demonstrated her cleaning routine, she explained that she uses a dry cloth with the glass cleaner, which you can nab for £3.50 from Lemon Fresh UK.

She also uses the glass cleaner on her plug sockets, as she noted: “When I clean [plug sockets] I use the glass cleaner, so they don’t [look] smudged.

“I go over with my glass cleaner and I get my dry cloth. I only use a little bit because of electrics.” 

Not only does Chantelle use the glass cleaner on her kitchen work surfaces, but she also uses it on her windows too.

She demonstrated: “I’m here with this, the Spanish glass cleaner. I’m going to go over my frames and the actual window itself.”

Then, using a dry cloth to wipe the windows, Chantelle added: “When I’m washing up, the water flicks up and goes up the window, so I can [clean] that window once a day."

Get toothy: Chantelle's clever hack

Chantelle then shared her cheap hack to clean in the grooves of her windows, as she added: “Now I’m going to show you my cleaning hack – I use a toothbrush and a sponge to get into the [window] frames.”

Using a toothbrush, which you can nab for as little as 13p, Chantelle shared how she ensures all dirt is removed from her window frames, as she explained: “As you can see, these frames here are so awkward to get into.

“I get a sponge and go over it. You can see already how [much] cleaner that is.” 

Not only does Chantelle use an old toothbrush for her window frames, but she also uses a toothbrush to get in the cracks of her cupboards too.

She shared: “With the toothbrush, this is my main hack for the parts I can’t get – it gets all the dirt."

Spray it with real good

When it comes to cleaning cupboards, while some people may use a disinfectant spray or a wipe, Chantelle goes that one step further, and swears by polish.

She advised: “Now with a clean, dry rag, I’m using [the] Fabulosa multi-surface polish. You can get it from B&M, Home Bargains, I think The Range even does it.

“I think it’s about £2.50 and that’s what I use [on my cupboards].”

To make the cupboard handles shine, Chantelle then goes in with her glass cleaner, as she continued: “On the chrome bits [handles], I use this [glass cleaner] to make it shine better.”

She then shared another trick that she swears by, as she revealed: “Another cleaning hack that I always do – I get my finger in the cloth and I go around the frames, all in the corners, making sure there’s no dust.”

Seat down for this trick

Once the cupboards were shining, Chantelle then shared how to get kitchen stools that are covered in dirt and rust, looking brand new.

When it comes to her stools, Chantelle uses an Asevi Spanish cleaning buy, which you can buy on Instagram from IJ Products, and an Elbow Grease cream cleaner, which you can nab for just £1 from Savers, to remove rust and add shine.

She explained: “I’ll show you how I use Elbow Grease, to get these little [rust] marks off the bottom, but I’ll wipe it over first.”

She then used the scourer side of her sponge, as she added: “I used the [green] part of the sponge. After I scrub it on, I like to let it sit for a few minutes to make sure it gets right in there.”

Once the cream cleaner had done its work, Chantelle went in with her glass cleaner, as she demonstrated: “So now I’m going to use a glass cleaner.

“I always use a dry cloth when I’m using the glass cleaner, never use a wet one. 

“Look how sparkling this is – you can see your face in it, literally.”

While many people will whip out the Marigolds when cleaning, Chantelle explained: “A lot of non-travellers, they always wear gloves, but for me, I’ve never really worn gloves.

“Only because my mum and my granny never wore gloves, so I don’t.

“My hands do sometimes get really dry, and I am stupid, I should put gloves on, but I don’t. I feel like you can do more without them big gloves on.”

DIY flower power

Not only is Chantelle’s kitchen sparkling, but she has also decorated her space with some stunning displays, which she is very proud of.

Showing off her DIY rose display, and her carriage containing decorative plates, bowls and mugs, the traveller girl noted: “With a lot of gypsy people, they love Crown Derby.

“With me, I like the Crown Derby, but it’s a bit old-fashioned. 

“I got these [bowls] because they match my sides. I got them from Asda.

“We like all our stuff to be on display – we like you to walk in and see everything.

“This is my flower display, I made it myself. I got bunches of roses from The Range.”

But you might be surprised to know that Chantelle actually washes her faux roses – yes, you heard that correctly – as she revealed: “Every now and then, my flowers need to be cleaned, because obviously they collect dust.

“I fill up the bath, put some smelly stuff in there, all different products, and I leave it to soak.

“Then I drain it out and put them up somewhere high to drain them. Then they come up cleaner.

“Fake flowers collect a lot of dust, so I like to keep up with it.” 

At the end of the day, to ensure her cloth is clean, Chantelle shared her simple.

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She revealed: "If your cloth is too dirty, it would leave grease marks, so what I like to do, of a night time, to keep my cloth nice and clean, I leave it in hot water and bleach, to soak all night.” 

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