I'm fitter than ever at 61 – don't be scared of getting older, I'm in the best shape of my life | The Sun

SHE might be middle-aged, but one fitness enthusiast has shared how she remains ageless by staying active.

Her positive attitude also seemed to be her secret to staying young – inside and out.

"I'm 61 and this is the fittest and best shape I've been in my life! I'm running further and stronger than in my 20s," explained Gym Tan (@californiaistoocasual).

The fitness fanatic had a huge smile on her face as she ran up her street.

This avid runner also didn't shy away from showing off her toned physique in running shorts and a sleeveless athleisure top.

The California mom who thinks that yoga pants and puffer vests "are not the vibe," also had a piece of advice she herself seemed to live by.

"Don't be afraid of getting older, life really can and does get better," she said.

The self-proclaimed fashionista also believes that everyone should "wear what makes you feel good."

And, in fact, she already seemed to be inspiring many of her followers.

"Love this message! Getting older is a privilege that many do not have," shared one thankful fan.

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"I am 42 and I think of you every time I run!" said another energized viewer.

The outpouring of support was much appreciated: "Aww – I’m touched! All warm and tingling. I’m going to think of you on my runs now!"

This mom on a mission had even more words of wisdom.

"You can’t stop getting older, you just have to keep going!"

Her fans couldn't stop gushing over her positivity and age-defying principles.

"You’re honestly one of the sunniest, brightest creators I follow. Love you," said one mesmerized follower.

"Thank you. The world is in such a dark place today. We all have an inner power and light. I channel that and focus on beauty, love, and stay positive."

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