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AN interior designer has shared his simple equation to ensure the dining room in your home always looks chic.

And, surprisingly, it’s all to do with the size of your rug, plus where you place it.

Jordan Samson said he’s spotted the same interior mistakes again and again, particularly when it comes to home owners’ dining rooms. 

In a video posted to his TikTok account @jordansamsondesign, the home pro said many choose too small of a rug and that it immediately unsettles the aesthetic. 

That’s because it unbalances everything – and he said size really does matter in this instance. 

Opening up about the key errors, Jordan explained: “First up is a rug that’s too small for the table.

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“You want to avoid a situation where as soon as you scoot that chair back, you’ll get caught on the rug.”

But he said his simple maths equation can help put this right. 

Jordan continued: “To avoid this, aim to have a rug that is at least 24 inches larger than your table on all sides.”

He then unveiled a further, more detailed, guide to his 93.2k social media followers.

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In it, Jordan shared how a 4-6 seater dining table requires a rug that is 8’ x 10’.

Meanwhile, a larger 6-8 seater piece of furniture would work best with a 9’ x 12’ rug.

But that wasn’t his only piece of advice for interior fans when it came to what rug they should be looking out for. 

He also said that the style of rug you choose is very important – particularly when it comes to ensuring it stays clean for guests. 

Jordan advised: “Avoid anything overly shaggy, high pile or braided – this will be a nightmare to clean.

Aim to have a rug that is at least 24 inches larger than your table on all sides

“Instead, I would opt for a flat weave or a low pile in a wool or other natural fiber that will be easy to spot clean.”

He added that it was “even better” to invest in a rug in a dark colour, if it suits the theme of your room, as it better hides any unfortunate mishaps.

But that wasn’t his only expert tip – he also said the light fixtures people choose can make or break a dining room.

Jordan said: “Next is the wrong size light fixture – you want something that’s going to actually illuminate the entire table.

“Look for a fixture that spans about half the width of the table as a general rule. You could also do double pendants.

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“And, for height, aim for roughly 30’ – 36’ from the bottom of the fixture to the top of the table.” 

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