I'm a vet tech – 8 dog breeds I'd never own, they look cute but they're aggressive or can cost you a ton | The Sun

A CAUTIOUS vet tech has shared the types of pooches she advises people not to purchase.

These eight breeds might be adorable, but they can also be aggressive.

"Some dog breeds I would never own and why," said Sierra Towers (@sierra.towers).

She didn't shy away from showing her disdain toward the Great Dane.

The animal health professional explained how these large dogs can suffer from GDV- or gastric dilation and volvulus – a severe disorder that causes the stomach to bloat.

The Yorkshire terrier was another example of a dog that she described as having "breeding genetics that are just not it."

The problem with these small yappers: collapsing tracheas.

According to Sierra, those looking for a family dog should definitely stay away from the shar pei due to their aggressive attitude.

And hold up before you go for an overly anxious husky.

She also wants you to forget about the most popular breed in the nation: the French bulldog.

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The reason?

"Respiratory distress," she said.

They might be cute, but they are also costly as well.

Sierra strongly cautioned potential pooch parents about the health issues associated with dachshunds, including IVDD, or intervertebral disc disease.

The low-to-the-ground dogs are more at risk of developing disc problems even at a young age.

Next on the list was the German shepherd, a breed prone to hip dysplasia.

She also said no thank you to dental disease-suffering greyhounds.

One follower was willing to ignore the warnings: "You're missing out. Danes are the best pet dogs ever."

Another viewer had a pet that potentially had double the risk factor: "Me with a German shepherd/husky mix."

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