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WHEN it comes to anti-ageing, most of us focus on the face.

But your hands can also give away your age as they are often in the sun and tend to get wrinkles earlier than the rest of the body.

Thankfully, a skincare whizz has revealed the easy way to keep your hands looking young forever – and you better start now.

Isabelle Lux, a 30-year-old skincare pro is often mistaken for being a teenager thanks to her youthful skin and she regularly shares her anti-ageing hacks on social media.

In a recent video, shediscussed how she keeps her hands from ageing.

"Anyone over the age of 30 knows that your hands literally start to become such an important part of, like, your anti-ageing routine, they just don't look as good as they used to," the beauty fan explained.



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Isabelle added that anti-ageing hand treatments can cost thousands – but her 10p hack will do just the trick.

She added: "Make rice water.

"I'm telling you right now, start now.

"I don't care if you're 20, I don't care if you're 25.

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"It's the easiest thing."

To make rice water, all you need to do is use two cups of water and half a cup of rice.

Isabelle said to soak your hands once a week for ten to twenty minutes and they will be baby soft.

And the best part is that the hack will only set you back 10p.

The clip posted to her TikTok account @isabelle.lux soon went viral with over 550k views and 60k likes.

People quickly took to the comments section to thank Isabelle for the cheap hack.

One person wrote: "I love you for this."

Another commented: "I’m def trying this."

"Wasn’t expecting this on my fyp but I will be implementing it weekly," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "This is amazing sounding! I need hand cream all the time as I am an obsessive hand washer. This sounds so relaxing and brilliant."

Someone else added: "I'm doing this immediately, my hands are not it and I’m only 25 lol."

And it's not the only way you can use rice water.

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We previously revealed it's great to use on your hair for luscious locks as well as your bedding.

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