I'm a mum & my hair started going grey in my 30s – people said I should’ve dyed it but I think it makes me look cool | The Sun

A MUM who began going grey in shortly into her 30s has explained why she doesn't bother with dyeing her locks anymore.

Many women feel self-conscious once they start notice their first grey hairs – but parent and TikTok user @randihoneycutt_ is not one of them.

The stylish mum, 38, has decided to embrace and rock the silver look no matter what mean trolls have to say – and they definitely say a lot.

According to @randihoneycutt_, she is often met with criticism on TikTok, where people urge her to dye her hair, insisting the greys age her – one person even went as far as saying she looked 50.

But hitting back at the negative remarks, the stunner said the reaction would be different if she was a man loving her silver fox locks.

Luckily, whilst there has been some bullying online, the 38-year-old revealed that for this never happens in real life when she's out and about.

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''To all my ladies out there who are on their silver journey, don't worry.

''This type of comments only happens on the internet — nobody in person has ever said something like this to me,'' she claimed in a video shared on social media.

''If somebody else thinks you look older with silver hair, who cares? Only take criticism from somebody you'd take advice from.''

She went on reflecting on the double standards in society: ''You have done the work.

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''You have already discovered that it's b*****t that men get to have grey hair and be distinguished, and women somehow look 20 years older.

''You have already figured out there's no logic in that lie. So let them think what they're gonna think.


''Because feeling good in your own body and in your own skin is way more important than whatever random stranger on the internet thinks about you.''

To those who like @randihoneycutt_ have learnt to love their greying locks – or are at the very beginning of this chapter – the beauty fan also recently shared how she looks after it.

To prevent yellowing and any unwanted brassiness, the 38-year-old advised to steer clear of hot tools, such as your straightener, as well as not washing your locks properly.

''Grey hair can be damaged really easily with hot tools that are too hot,'' she said in the video, adding that product build-up is another common issue.

Other common key factors include pollution, hard water, as well as harsh UV rays, the savvy mum went on.

To tackle this, you can still use your favourite curling wand – but at a lower temperature and without skipping important prep.

''I don't go above 375F (190C) with mine. Also, a good heat UV protectant would be good for your hair.''

Meanwhile, to banish nasty build-up on your scalp, the beauty lover urged to invest in a good clarifying shampoo, as well as opt for the odd purple shampoo treatment here and there.

However, it's also worth noting that some purple shampoos can often at times be a ''little bit drying'', she warned, so where possible look into bagging a purple mask to avoid that crunchy feeling in your locks.

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The gorgeous mum regularly posts on TikTok, where her videos have been liked close to a whopping 2million times.

As well as sharing responses to cruel trolls, she also posts fashion-related content and snippets of her family life.

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