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A TRAVELLER has revealed the questions she often gets asked because she is mixed race. 

The young woman has taken to TikTok to explain what it is like growing up in her community.

Jainaba, who goes by the name of jennysfooddiary on TikTok, has gone viral after sharing videos which give an insight into her life. 

In one video, she answered a question which read: “As a mixed race person was it difficult with being accepted on your mothers side.” 

To which Jainaba replied: “I can't say it was difficult being accepted into my mum's side of the family, cause my mum's side of the family is the only family that I have a name.

“And me and my sister just got treated the same as all the other children.



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“The only difference is that I went to live with my granny and grandad, um, when I was nine years old and my little sister came along with me.

“So rather than being treated like grandchildren, me and Jamelia were treated like my granny and grandad's babies.

“Which wasn't a bad thing at all.

“It was never really a big thing growing up like me and my little sister being. Being half black.

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“It was never like, of course we knew, not stupid, but like it was never a big thing.

“Like, people never treat me any different for it.

“If anything, my family and the people that I've grown up around root me for absolutely everybody else in the world.

“Because I grew up thinking that I was the best thing in sliced bread.

“Because anytime my mama took me anywhere when I was a little girl, everybody always used to tell me how pretty I was and how nice my hair was and how nice my skin was.

“And even when I got a bit older, start pulling around with me Granny and grandad.

“That's all that ever got said.

“I got bullied a bit for being fat, but like nothing Like, no badness, really.

“And as far as Gypsy, in travelling people that I'm not related to, I've never really had a problem with anyone either, because I always used to pull up and down in the same.

“Same places, and I'd always just hang around with the same people and I go up and down with the same people, you know what I mean?

“The only people that really get a little bit nasty, nothing like that's gonna upset me, though, is like, why do people.

“People that decided, woke up one day that they wanted to be Gypsy and travellers, but other than that, it's like it's all right.

“I know it seems like on social media I get a lot of hate for being black, but that's the only place that is the hate.

“It's not out there in the world, if you know what I mean.

“Not from Gypsy, travelling people, anybody, me in my family.”

The video has attracted thousands of likes with many rushing to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One wrote: “You should be very very proud my love. I’ve got two girls with mixed race boys. I could never ask for anything better.”

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Another said: “My daughter is Jamaican English Irish Scottish Italian with a wee bit gypsy and I hope she grows up with your mind set.”

A third added: “this is so interesting. love that you have loads of confidence, it's beautiful.”

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