I’m a lazy, stay-at-home mum & my house is a state – there’s rubbish & nappies everywhere, I don’t care if people judge | The Sun

BEING a stay-at-home mum to a toddler and baby is no easy task, and one mum has admitted to letting cleaning her home fall to the wayside.

The self-confessed lazy mum confessed she hadn't cleaned her entire house in three days and showed the aftermath of it on social media.

Amber Rose who is based in the US says she hates cleaning despite being a stay-at-home mum.

The mum of two said: "Here's a morning in my life as a lazy stay-at-home mum and this is what my house looks like this morning."

The sink was overflowing with dishes and there was rubbish covering most of the hallway.

Crumbs covered the entirety of the front room and cushions had been thrown across the floor as well.


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Amber's bathroom was also a state and you could barely see the floor as it was covered in toiletry bottles and rubbish.

Taking out the rubbish, she said: "The last time I did clean was on Friday so all of this mess has been accumulated for the past three days now."

After taking out the trash, she decided to move on to the kitchen and tackled the giant pile of washing up in the sink.

She said they usually don't have this problem as the family just use whatever has been put in the dishwasher, but considering she didn't clean for three days, they ended up using more crockery.

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Amber then headed to the front room to put away the groceries that had been left out all weekend.

After, she moved onto the bathroom and picked up all of the dirty clothes, where she also found a dirty nappy lying rogue, and toothpaste all over the sink.

"I couldn't find a rag so I used my hand to clean it, judge me if you want," she added.

Amber then moved onto her staircase which she called her 'favourite junk area' and then the front room.

She began sweeping the entire room and admitted it was mainly down to her kids who love walking around with food leaving trails of crumbs everywhere.

The mum finished the video saying that's all she felt like cleaning today.

The clip posted to her TikTok account @amanduhh_ has gone viral with over 600k views and 59k likes.

People were quick to go to the comments and give her tips on how to get her house in better order.

One person wrote: "You got to teach your kids sing the clean up song."

Amber replied: "Girl, teach me cause idk it."

Another commented: "My kids always pick up their clothes and toys, food in one area only, no shoes inside the house, it helps me a lot."

"Clean as u go that’s what I do it really helps keep the house clean," penned a third.

Others were less sympathetic of the mum's struggle to keep her house clean.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "I’m not trying to judge but I truly don’t understand this. During the day is it just a free for all? I don’t get how this much mess is made in 24 hrs."

"This makes me thankful I live alone bc your house gets messy again so fast,” claimed a fifth.

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Someone else added: "Take 30 minutes each night to clean before you go to bed. It helps to wake up to a clean environment everyday, no excuses."

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