I’m a home whizz and here’s why you need to keep your toilet paper in the fridge if you’re on a budget | The Sun

IF YOU have spotted a roll of toilet paper in a friend's fridge recently there's no cause for alarm.

In fact you may want to try it youself especially if you're on a budget.

TikTok users are touting toilet paper can help do the job when you’re in a pinch and on a budget, New York Post reported.

While it may not be the most appetising and quite an unusual sight to anyone unsuspectingly opening a fridge, the bath tissue absorbs the moisture in the air that can contribute to mold, mildew and foul smells, according to Parade.

It also works out far cheaper than typical cleaning products you might use to clean the fridge.

Parade recommends using a fresh roll, placing it in the back of the fridge away from anything that could leak and throwing away the roll after three weeks — “don’t try to reuse the roll in the bathroom,” the outlet warned.

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While there are fridge-specific deodorisers available on the market, other ways to neutralise the stink in your refrigerator include activated charcoal, vanilla, coffee grounds, lemon and oats.

One TikToker revealed that the stench might not be coming from mysterious spills or spoiled food, but rather the fridge tray, which sits at the back of the refrigerator and collects whatever liquids are drained out.

The cleaning guru also recommended cleaning underneath and behind the fridge to ensure that stray crumbs or smelly particles are rotting.

Meanwhile, another person suggested that toilet paper could be used as an effective ice pack, claiming it maintains its chill for 8 hours.

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