I’m a cleaning pro & I would never own a toilet brush – you’re just spreading poo… there’s a more hygienic alternative | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has spoken out on the problem with using toilet brushes and has gone as far as to say she would never own one herself. 

Libby Wharton has her own cleaning business and often uses her social media accounts to share her top tips and tricks to keep the home spotless. 

In one such video, she decided to reply to a comment, where someone told her: “Just clean your toilet daily with a brush and let the magic happen”. 

But Libby disagreed with this piece of advice as she said: “No disrespect to you at all, I just want to bring your comment to everyone’s attention…

“So, a toilet brush is possibly one of the most unhygienic household items you can ever have.”

She then shared a webpage revealing how sanitary it is on Google, which stated: “Your brush can spread nasty germs each time you use it (yikes)!” 

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Libby then claimed that any expert would advise you against having a toilet brush in the house.

“Just think about it, okay,” she went on. “Who really cleans their toilet brush after every time they use it?

“If you do, you’re probably lying. So what you’re doing is cleaning all your faeces around your toilet bowl and you’re putting it back in a pot on the side of your toilet.” 

TikTok user @thecleanupcompany said that while you should avoid this product, there is an alternative you could use. 

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She explained: “If you do like a toilet brush but you want a more hygienic alternative, you can use something like this…” 

Libby then displayed an image of a toilet brush with a disposable end that you can flush down the toilet. 

“And before all you environmental do-gooders start coming in, it’s the same as flushing the toilet roll down the toilet,” she said.

“And before you start saying it’s bad for the environment, just do me a favour and go and have look at how many plastic bottles you have in your bathroom. Then come at me, ok?”

In the caption, she added: “I  would never own a toilet brush!” 

While toilet brushes may not be hygienic, Duck has an alternative version with a disposable end, which can be bought for as little as £3 from Ocado. 

It comes with four cleaning pads that can be flushed down the toilet once used. 

People were quick to comment on Libby’s post as one person wrote: “I’m throwing mine out NOW!” followed by a shocked face emoji.

Another argued: “Honestly I do clean it every time I use it but I live alone and have too much time on my hands,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji.

A third shared: “I'm with you on this I don’t own one and never have”.

While a fourth chimed: “I’ve never owned a toilet brush & neither did my mum. She used to go on about how disgusting they were. Xx”. 



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Cleaning expert Aggie MacKenzie previously spoke out on the topic to The Guardian, where she explained: “There is a fetid liquid bacteria soup at the bottom of every toilet-brush holder.” 

She added that she would never own one and advised people against it, too.

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