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PLENTY of us would like a kitchen upgrade, but redecorating such an important space in the house can feel like a formidable task. 

When you picture renovating the room, it often brings to mind images of gutted units and being forced to survive on microwave meals for a few weeks or even months. 

But one crafty DIYer has managed to transform her home’s kitchen using just spray paint and Primark bargains – and viewers can’t believe how chic the result is. 

Kayley Sherborne, who posts on TikTok as @kayleysherborne31, has racked up more than 20,000 followers as she documents her journey transforming her council house into her dream home. 

And in a recent video, she amazed viewers by showing off the dramatic revamp of her kitchen. 

Kayley started the clip by filming the drab old oak units she started with, writing that she’d asked her partner to spruce them up with a black spray paint. 

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Cutting to a shot of the kitchen covered in protective film and strewn with ladders and paint cans, the artsy homeowner said that she was “trusting the process”. 

Finally, she added a video of the end result: a stunning, sleek black matte black kitchen, with gorgeous oak-look countertops. 

“He did more than just spray it…” Kayley gushed. “Dream kitchen.” 

In the comments, Kayley confirmed that her and her partner used DC Fix Adhesive Wrap in Ribbeck Oak, available at The Range for around £7, which made it look as if the counters had been replaced. 

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They accessorised with some modern look LED strip lights from Screwfix, and some new cupboard door handles, each £5 from B&Q. 

Final details included a gorgeous house plant, miniature pumpkin statuette and seagrass pot, all a couple of pounds from Primark, to decorate the window sill. 

Viewers were left absolute gobsmacked by the dramatic change, with many writing that it looks like an entirely new kitchen. 

“This is the best transformation I’ve seen on this app!!!” one user wrote. 

“Looks lovely,” another fan commented, “like a whole new kitchen. Just shows you don't need to rip the whole thing out.” 

“WOW just WOW looks amazing!” a third added. “Amazing what a change of colour and handles can do.” 

It’s not the first time that Kayley has wowed fans with a huge interior overhaul. 

She recently showed off her new gorgeous dining room, which she transformed from a sparse space into a wooden, edgy area, complete with industrial style hanging lights. 

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Kayley also revamped her bare, light-blue bathroom into a stunning grey and white, modern-looking room, complete with an array of gorgeous plants

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