I ordered clip-in veneers from Temu for my wedding but it was a total disaster – they look like horse teeth | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she ordered a pair of clip-in veneers from Temu for her wedding, but it was a total fail.

Petrina Josephine explained that prior to her big day, she ordered the fake teeth from Temu – the UK’s most downloaded app this year, pronounced tee-moo – in the hope that they would brighten and straighten up her smile.

After all, you want to look and feel your best when you tie the knot, right?

Well, unfortunately for Petrina, the cheap teeth didn’t look as stylish as she had hoped, and were certainly not suitable for her vows.

Sharing the online order fail on social media, at the start of the clip, we saw the brunette beauty with her mouth closed, as she asked: “How bad can these pop on veneers from Temu be?”

Seconds later, the bride-to-be shared a selfie, smiling, as she showed off her top set of clip-on veneers.

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To this, she wrote: “Never mind.”

Petrina later penned: “It's giving horse girl.”

While Petrina didn’t reveal how much she paid for her clip-in veneers, you can nab a pair for as cheap as 89p on Temu’s website.

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @petrinajosephine, has clearly made many people chuckle, as it has quickly amassed 18,300 views. 

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Social media users were left in hysterics at the blunder and were eager to share their thoughts in the comments. 

One person said: “Nooooo.”

To this, Petrina joked: “Wedding ready.” 

Another added: “That made me CRACK up. Thank you.”

A third commented: “HAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Meanwhile, someone else posted: “There’s supposed to be a wax mould with them, but they still don’t turn out good.”

To this, Petrina replied: “I did end up realising that and was hopeful for a minute but like you said it also was a disaster.”

But Petrina isn’t the only customer who has had a Temu fail. 

Following a Fabulous investigation into the toxic truth about the UK’s most downloaded shopping app, it appears that beneath Temu’s dirt-cheap prices and mind-boggling array of products lurks a growing sense of unease.

The site has been dogged by negative reviews, claims of undelivered parcels, poor customer service and, most concerning of all, an “extremely high risk” of forced labour.

Now, some critics are questioning if Temu — which means Team Up, Price Down — could, in fact, be toxic.

Founded in September 2022 by Chinese e-commerce giant PDD Holdings, Temu advertises itself as an online marketplace connecting consumers with millions of sellers and brands, with “the mission to empower them to live their best lives”.

Despite shrewd marketing and rock-bottom prices, the site suffers from some damning reviews.

On TrustPilot, the app scores a fairly reasonable 3.5 stars out of five — but 31 per cent of users give it just one.

The environmental impact of Temu’s suppliers is another cause for concern, while there are serious concerns regarding workers’ rights.

In June, US lawmakers warned there was an “extremely high risk” products sold on the site had been made by forced labour.

It’s feared the products are being made by Uyghur Muslim people, detained by the Chinese authorities since 2017 in what they say are “re-education” camps in Xinjiang.

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Temu did not respond to our request for comment.

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